My Unsatisfied Wife

by Q-Tip

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, True Story, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Humiliation, Fisting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: This story was told to me by a man who discovers that his wife likes cocks much larger than his own. He relates how he learned this by watching, from hiding, as she is gangbanged while they are on vacation.

This is a true story. Oh I know, there are lots of stories that are suppose to be true and many of them sound a lot like mine. The difference is, and it's a big difference, this is true.

My name is Mack. I'm in my 30's now. I'm white and I work in construction. I'm a big guy, big as in tall and solid, 6 feet tall and almost 200 pounds, most of it muscle. My work is physical and it shows. I'm also a pretty good weekend athlete. I play softball in the summer, football in the fall and basketball in the winter.

I'm also married, and that's where the problem starts I guess. OK, I'll just say it: I have a small cock. You've probably read that a thousand times. Some guy whining "... my wife was dissatisfied with my small pecker blah, blah, blah." Well, with me, it's true and it's no damn fun.

The fact is my cock is not much bigger than my little finger. I mean, I have a good-sized little finger but it sure doesn't make much of a cock. Don't get me wrong, it works fine. It gets hard, and it feels good when I use it. It's about the same size hard as it is when its soft. I really noticed the difference between other guys and myself first in junior high school. Later, in high school I started on the football team and it got to the point were I didn't want to shower with the other guys. It was kinda a joke. Mack's little pecker. Funny.

I didn't have a love life. In high school, and later, I was considered a "nice guy" because I didn't try to get anything off my dates. I never had trouble getting dates because I'm not too bad looking and, like I said, I'm pretty big. After a while I just didn't even try, I was too embarrassed. I hung out with the guys, played sports, watched dirty movies, drank beer, and went to a strip bar once and awhile.

It was a few years ago that I met Mary. She was a waitress in a place that I ate at from time to time. We got to talking and became friendly. One night I ran into her in a bar that I usually didn't go to because they had dancing.

Well, Mary and I talked that night and she even got me to dance some. The last song of the night was a slow "Chicago" number and she nagged me to dance with her. Oh god she felt good in my arms. I hadn't held a girl since high school. I guess you could say I'd never held a woman. My cock was hard as a rock, although I doubt she could feel it, small as it is.

I asked her out that night. I guess she just felt so good in my arms, and she said "yes." We dated three or four times before "it" came up. My cock. She asked me if I liked her and if I did why I didn't try anything. Was there something wrong with her. She looked very hurt when she asked me, like it was her fault that I hadn't made a move on her.

After trying to avoid it, I told her the truth. I told her that I'd never been with a woman because my penis was so small. Yeah, smart-ass, I used the word "penis." Hell, I don't know how to talk to women! I can work high steel and hit a softball 300 feet but I was scared to tell this beautiful woman about my cock!

Mary was fantastic. She smiled and said, "Mack, that can't be the reason. I don't believe you. Please tell me the truth."

"It is the truth, Mary. I swear it," I answered.

"O.K.," she said looking a little bit angry. "I'll call your bluff. Prove it."

Well, we went back and forth for a while and finally I agreed to show her my cock. Christ, I was embarrassed. The only thing to do was to pull down my pants and prove it to her. So I did. I stood up, unbuckled my belt and pulled my jeans and jockeys down.

Mary's eyes got real wide as she looked at me. I know what she was seeing; a patch of light colored pubic hair with just a little tiny cock-head peeking out.

"Oh, Mack," she said. "I'm sorry that I doubted you. Can I touch it?" She was already reaching out her hand. I didn't say anything; I just let her touch me. She first ran her fingers gently around the tiny head and then she pushed into my pubic hair to get at the shaft. My cock, of course, started to get hard. Hell, no woman had ever touched it before.

"Oh Mack, look at that!" She was smiling at it, like she would at a cute kitten or something. Without asking she bent forward, put her mouth over it, and started licking me. Of course, because of the size she could easily get my whole cock in her mouth. I mean, would you have any trouble deep-throating your pinky?

It didn't take me long to cum. Without warning, I was shooting down her throat. She pulled my cock out of her mouth in surprise and held me as I finished cumming on her hand. When I was done she looked up at me and smiled.

"Mack," she said. "Would you like to make love to me?" Yep, that's how she put it. "Make love to her."

Well, I sure as hell wanted to and we sure as hell did. I actually fucked a woman for the first time. Her pussy felt so incredible around my cock. I didn't last long but, on the other hand, I stayed hard all night and I just kept sticking it in her. I think she had a good time. It was later that I found out that she hadn't cum. I mean, cut me some slack, I'm a 30 year old guy with a small prick and I just got my first piece of ass, I'm suppose to know about female orgasms?

I fell in love with Mary that night. I fell hard. Mary is a few years younger than I am and, like I said before, a waitress. We talked a lot and Mary told me that she wanted to have children and a home. She was shy telling me, like maybe I'd bolt for the door if she brought up marriage. I suppose a lot of guys would have, but not me. Hell, I was in serious love. I asked her to marry me a month later.

For the next few years everything was fine. No kids, but Mary seemed pretty happy and I know I was. This is probably a good time to describe Mary for you so you can get a good picture of what she looks like. Mary's about 5'4" tall. I don't know how much she weighs, but it's not much. Her bar is a 34b; she has the cutest tits. That's what I tell her. They're not big, but they're very soft and her nipples get dark brown when they're hard. Her waist is thin and her hips and butt are just right. She has brown hair and eyes. I think she's the most beautiful woman in the world.

It was a few years later that I noticed that things were not going that great in bed. It was as if Mary was just going through the motions. I tried to talk to her about it, but I'm not very good at that sort of thing. Mary said that everything was fine, she was just going through a "time" and it would be O.K. I tried to make things better, but watching porno films is not a good way to learn about making love to your wife.

Mary suggested that we try role-playing and fantasies to liven things up. I was at a loss here, all I could think of was to buy some of those magazines, you know the ones with the letters. We read some of those and pretended as if we were the people in the letters. Mary was very good at that. She was particularly good at the letters where the husband watches another man fuck his wife. I know what you're thinking, and you're right. I didn't know it at the time, but that's exactly where Mary was headed. She was good at those for a reason.

To tell you the truth, I liked them too. Not because I wanted to watch my wife fuck another man but because Mary would get so hot that she'd really get into the lovemaking and that was good for me. She was always trying to get me to go down on her, but I wouldn't do it. I just didn't like the idea. However, I'd get her off with my fingers while she read one of the letters. Usually, I didn't last that long in Mary's pussy, and I'd sometimes hear Mary in the bathroom, later when she thought I was asleep, playing with herself.

Mary was the first to bring up the idea of role-playing outside the house. It was her idea that we'd go out drinking and dancing and she wouldn't wear any underwear. That way I could play with her pussy or tits anytime I wanted to and maybe she'd accidentally flash some guy. I have to admit that it was pretty exciting, and she felt safe with me. It got so that we did that a lot, almost every weekend. Mary would wear a short skirt and a thin blouse and we'd go out for the evening.

As time went on Mary got increasingly adventurous and I got to really like what we were doing. Mary would go out of her way to make sure that some guy, or guys, saw her pussy or her tits. She'd get real excited by that and later she'd be wild in bed begging me to fuck her. If she'd had too much to drink, she'd beg me to "fuck her hard with my big cock." Of course I don't have a big cock, but Mary would have her legs spread pulling me into her with both hands while her head was thrown back and her eyes were squeezed shut. It was as if she was imaging fucking somebody else. She always looked a little disappointed when we were finished.

It was fall in the East when we took a vacation to Southern California. I'd never been there before and after a long flight we were in our room at a real nice resort near San Diego. Mary had brought her skimpiest clothing. She said that she didn't plan to wear underwear the whole time, that she was going to have a fun week.

We spent the first day exploring the resort. Mary was really excited, touching me all day, laughing and happy. I hadn't seen her like this in a long time. We had drinks with lunch and then most of the afternoon too. By the time we ate dinner in the hotel dinning room Mary was getting pretty hammered. Mary always gets "frisky" when she's been drinking, and tonight was no exception. She was playing with my little prick under the table and talking about the other men in the dinning room.

There were a couple of conventions going on in the resort at the same time and the dinning room had a number of unattached men. She'd point them out to me and ask questions. Questions like: "do you think he's good in bed?" or "do you think he'd eat my pussy?" or "how about those two black guys, do you think you'd like to watch them fuck me?" I was a little uncomfortable with this, but it all seemed to be in fun and Mary was clearly enjoying her vacation.

Later, back in the room, Mary suggested that we play a role-playing game that evening. She suggested that we go into the bar separately, that she'd go first and I should follow about _ hour later. She said she wanted to see if anybody would hit on her or ask her to dance. She said it would all be in fun and that when I got to the bar I was to pretend as if I didn't know her. I was to pretend like that all night and she'd let me know when she was ready to go back to the room by putting on the glasses she carries in her purse. When she put the glasses on, we'd meet at the room, and she'd give me the best sex I'd ever had.

"Just image," she said. "If those letters can turn me on so much, image how turned on I'll be when we get back to the room?"

I wasn't too wild about the idea, but I liked the "best sex of my life" part. The truth was that watching her flash had become a real turn-on for me. I had even gotten turned-on at the idea of watching her fuck another man. This was all in theory; of course, it was just a fantasy. It wasn't going to happen. Not really.

It was about 10:00 that Mary left for the bar. She looked hot wearing a flimsy skirt that was too short for her, and an almost see-through blouse. Of course, she was wearing no underwear, no bra or panties or pantyhose. Just shoes, skirt and blouse. Her face was slightly flushed and her eyes were sparkling. I think she was having a little trouble catching her breath. Not nervous, more excited.

The _ hour seemed to last much longer. I paced the room, drank a beer and smoked a couple of cigarettes. I wanted to load up on nicotine anyway since you can't smoke in bars in California. Finally, I went downstairs.

I wasn't prepared for how crowded and loud it would be. It wasn't what I expected. I expected a fairly quiet hotel bar and that I'd find Mary sitting alone nursing a drink. It wasn't like that all. A band was playing loudly, it was dark, and the bar was jammed with people. It took me almost 15 minutes to spot her; she was on the dance floor wildly swinging her body and dancing up a storm with some convention guy. I grabbed a seat at the bar as soon as someone got up to leave and made myself comfortable. By looking in the mirror behind the bar I could see most of the room, and by sitting with my back to the bar I could watch the dance floor.

Mary was having a great time. Her face was even more flushed now and I remembered all she'd drank during the day. She and her partner danced several songs, including a long slow one. I lost sight of them for a while during the slow dance; many people had rushed to the dance floor to take advantage of the change in tempo. When I saw them again Mary had her head resting on the guy's chest and was pressed tightly against him. He had his arms wrapped all the way around her and was running his hands up and down her back. Each time he got a little further down her back until he was actually caressing her ass and pulling her into him even more tightly. Mary looked up at his face when he did that. My heart broke a little as I watched her smile at him and put her head back on his chest as he continued to caresses her ass with both hands.

When the song ended, they went back to a table on the far side of the room. I had some trouble watching the table from where I was. I saw the guy order Mary several more drinks, which she finished pretty quickly. The sat near each other and, because of the noise, kept their heads near each other so that they could talk. I watched as he touched her several times, finally just leaving his hand on her back, caressing her, as they talked.

I almost fell off my stool when I saw Mary's hand caressing his thigh. When had that happened I wondered? Some time later two of his friends from the convention joined them at the table. Now Mary was talking with all of them, in a small huddle because of the noise. They even took turns dancing with her.

It was several hours later that I followed Mary to the Ladies Room. When she came out she gave me a big smile. Her eyes were glassy- looking and she was staggering slightly.

"Oh Mack. I'm having the best time. Those guys are so much fun. When we dance I can feel their hard cocks." Her speech was just a little bit slurred.

"Mary, are you sure this is a good idea?" I asked.

"Mack, those guys are getting me so hot that you're going to get the fuck of your life! I think I'm going to flash them now." With that, she was gone, staggering slightly on her way back to the table.

What happened next will always be engraved in my mind. I watched Mary through the gaps in the crowd as she flirted with the three guys at her table. I watched with a raging hard-on as Mary let them look down her blouse. She was not careful as she got in and out of her chair and I know they could see up her short skirt.

As Mary danced with one of the guys the other two put their heads together and talked about her. I'm sure they were talking about her because they were laughing and they kept looking over at Mary. The song was a slow one and I lost sight of Mary on the dark dance floor. I left my drink and money on the bar to save my place and casually walked around the dance floor.

When I spotted them again I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Mary and her partner were in the darkest part of the dance floor, all the way to the back wall. The guy was trying to shield Mary with his body so nobody could see what he was doing. I maneuvered myself until I could see without drawing attention to myself. He had Mary's skirt up and his hand was between my wife's spread legs. He was rubbing Mary's pussy and she not only had her legs spread to give him room, but was humping her hips back and forth on his hand. Her eyes were closed and her head was turned slightly toward me. Her mouth was open and her chest was raising and falling rapidly, like she was panting.

My feelings were almost overwhelming. One on hand, I had a hard-on that almost hurt. I wanted to watch my wife act like a slut as she was fingered and stroked in public. One the other hand, I wanted to pick the guy up and throw him through the nearest window, and I could have done it. My hard-on won and I watched him play with her until the song ended. He pulled his hand out and, as her skirt feel back into place, he drew her to him and kissed her on the lips. Mary kissed him back eagerly. It wasn't a quiet lip to lip kiss, they were really going at it. Sucking on each other's mouth and Mary had her hand behind his head pulling him hard into her.

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