Edelweiss - Prom Queen

by Dark Destiny

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, BiSexual, True Story, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: At the school's annual prom, Edelweiss proves to the school population that she is, beyond a doubt, the prom queen.

It was finally the night everyone in college had been waiting for. Tonight was the night of the prom, where young adolescents graduated from college and stepped into the brave new world of adulthood. This was their final chance at fun, games and wild abandonment before facing the challenges of the working world about them.

At the eastern end of the district, Edelweiss stood in front of her bed, admiring the dress she had selected specially for the occassion that night. Edelweiss was a stunning example of how a beautiful young student of 18 should look. Standing at a petite 5 feet and 6 inches and weighing 110 lbs, Edel was trim and toned thanks to her recent excercise regime at the gym. With a figure measuring 32B-23-34 and long shapely legs, it was no wonder that this foxy young beauty was looking forward to being the star of the show tonight.

For the past few months, Edel had foolishly allowed her body to give way to fat by not watching her diet and indulging herself in the many fast food joints the new shopping mall nearby had. This had resulted in the school committee skipping over her name in the selection of the college's Prom Queen, which Edel was certainly more than qualified for. This caused Edel's classmate and most hated rival Fiona to win the coveted title of Prom Queen instead. Infuriated, Edelweiss embarked upon a hellish excercise regime (much to the joy of all the guys at the gym) and managed to cut down 2 inches off her waist in time for prom night. She had also managed to tone her breasts to firmer form then they were before the process.

Slipping out of her T-shirt and shorts, Edelweiss strolled to the bathroom, grabbing a towel off the rack along her way. It was now 5 in the afternoon and she had an hour to bathe and get ready before setting off for the prom. Filling the tub with hot water, Edel poured some bubble bath fluid into the water before slithering into the tub for a blissful long bath.

Lathering her shapely body with foam, Edelweiss allowed herself to sink deep into the water until only her head showed above the water, closing her eyes and floating into blissful oblivion. Almost unknowingly, her right hand crept down her smooth body, slowly settling on the mound between her legs. Slipping 2 fingers into her hot cunt, Edelweiss slowly moved them inside of her, moaning as bursts of pleasure spasmed through her body.

Edelweiss continued to play with her cunt, placing her thumb on her swollen clit and moving it around wildly in circles, pleasuring herself with abandon. By now, she had already inserted all 4 fingers into her cunt and was stretching her tight snatch beyond its normal limits of 2 fingers. All the while moaning with pleasure, Edel spread her legs out wide, straddling them over the sides of the bathtub. Her one free arm, massaging her pert breasts was now flailing about, as if the pleasure in her body was seeking a route of escape. Unable to control much longer, Edelweiss stuffed her fingers as far as they would go into her cunt, scratching against the bathroom tiles in pure bliss as her body spasmed and rocked in the tub, splashing water all over the room and bringing her orgasm into a thunderous climax.

Fully spent and sated, Edelweiss lay unmoving in the bathtub, unable to move after such a shattering orgasm. She was in between boyfriends now and her cunt had been aching for release for the past 2 weeks. These 2 weeks of sexual inactivity had been a pure torture for her and although she wasn't usually one to masturbate (getting enough satisfaction from the boys anyway), she found herself unable to resist this one time, knowing she would have burst if she didn't cum at least once that day.

Crawling slowly out of the bathtub with whatever strength she could muster, Edelweiss dried herself off and drained the soiled water from the tub before heading back to her room to dress up for the prom. Deciding not to wear a bra that night, she picked a pair of lacy red panties from her wardrobe and put them on before slipping into the slinky black dress she had chosen. Boasting a bare back and a plunging neckline, this dress was also well above Edelweiss's mid-thigh, showing more than it concealed. Furthermore, it was so tight as to appear that Edel had been poured into it, rewarding the careful observer with a clear outline of her panties and nipples.

After checking out her appearance in the mirror, Edel smiled to herself and grabbed her handbag before heading out of the door to catch a cab to the prom which was being held at a hotel in the heart of the city.

"Oh damn!" Edel thought as she hopped out of the cab and walked as quickly as her tight dress would permit towards the seedy hotel where her college was holding the prom. She had been caught in a traffic jam and was already half an hour late for the event.

"Now Fiona's going to have gotten the attention of all the guys. What am I going to do then?" Edel fretted as she swept her raven hair back and stepped into the common room where the prom was being held. As it turned out, she needn't have worried.

As Edelweiss stepped into the room, all heads turned. Even the swarm of guys gathered around Fiona stopped all conversation and turned to stare at this raving beauty in front of them. Basking in the attention, Edelweiss strolled confidently to the nearest table, swaying her hips for the benefit of the guys in the room (and to the jealousy of the girls), and sat down. It was only after she ordered a drink and was sipping it comfortably that everyone reluctantly wrenched their attentions back to matters at hand.

Being a light drinker, the heavily laced cocktail served at the prom was taking its toll on Edelweiss and after a mere 2 cups, she was feeling light-headed and her inhibitions were vanishing extremely quickly. Turning to talk to a stranger seated to her right, she found herself crossing and uncrossing her legs several times before finally settling upon an arched position, showing the full glory of her long, tanned legs to all who wanted to look.

It was getting obvious that she was having her desired effect on the room, as every guy in the room turned to ogle at her legs secretly every few minutes. The guy she was talking to was starting to sweat profusely and she noted his bulging crotch with a grin of satisfaction. All the while talking to him, she gyrated her hips almost imperceptably while stroking her legs gently and uncrossing them again before turning to face the guy.

From her elevated position and the way her skirt was already hitched up to almost her waist, Edelweiss was effectively showing her bright red panties to her companion as well as to anyone who cared to look that way, which was practically everyone in the room. She knew for sure that she had everyone's attentions by now and smirked at how irritated Fiona would be by this. By this time, her companion had gone bright red and his pants looked like they were going to burst.

Quickly deciding to relieve him of his agony, Edelweiss moved up closer to him and motioned for him to turn towards the table, slipping her arms around his waist as he did so. The guy gave a jump before he realised her intentions and looked at her with a grateful smile. Working quickly beneath the table, Edel unzipped his pants and drew his stiff rod from within.

"This guy sure has a big dick", she thought to herself as she started to stroke his rod with firm hard strokes, causing him to close his eyes and moan with pleasure. To all around, it seemed as though the couple was snuggling up to whisper sweet nothings in each others' ears. Several guys literally turned green with envy at Edel's companion's luck. Little did they know that in actual fact, Edelweiss was rubbing and stroking the guy's erect dick for all she was worth, bringing him close to the edge of ecstacy.

All too soon for the lucky guy, he gave a grunt and started cumming all over her hands. Cupping her hands in front of his dick, Edelweiss collected all of his cum before lifting her hands to her mouth and drinking it all in, licking and slurping it up for all she was worth. When she was done, she looked straight into the guy's eyes, gave her hands one final lick and honoured him with a smile before standing up and walking away, leaving the guy to zip his own pants up.

Walking towards the dance floor, Edelweiss was flooded with requests for dance partnership from every guy she passed. Deciding upon a handsome stranger, she allowed herself to be led to the center of the dance floor before turning to face her partner. A boyish grin flashed on his face as a slow song played just then, much to the envy of all the other guys around.

Pulling her close up to him, the guy's lack of any dancing ability whatsoever was painfully apparent to Edel. Instead of concentrating on the dance steps, he was instead fervently rubbing himself against her, making no attempt whatsoever to hide the giant hardon that he was sporting. Aroused by his body rubbing against hers, Edel began to let herself melt into him, gyrating her hips sensously and carassing him slowly with her body. In a few moments, what was meant to be an elegant dance had become a dry humping session for both Edelweiss and her partner, with both of them trying to get themselves off on the bodies of the other.

"Let's go somewhere more deserted and...suited to our purpose," her partner purred suggestively into Edel's ear, slipping his hands between her legs and squeezing gently as he said it. Reeling from the sensations of his touch and dazed with lust, Edelweiss could only nod weakly as he led her away from the room.

In her dazed lust, Edel could only lean heavily on him as he walked quickly towards the back of the hotel. With slight horror, she noticed that he was bringing her towards the men's room at the back of the hotel where only the hotel staff went. Most of her college mates visited the toilet nearer to the room where the party was held. While she had heard wild stories of couples making out in the changing rooms, toilets and classrooms in the college itself, she herself had never dared to attempt having sex in a place where she might get caught, choosing instead to do it in the comforts of a bedroom. However, the idea of public sex had always been a part of her fantasies, and at this current moment, it not only did not deter her, but wet her dripping cunt even further.

"Wait here," he whispered into her ear as he left her leaning against a corner. Slipping quietly into the coridor, he quickly went to check that the coast was clear. After a cook walked out of the toilet whistling, he determined that the coast was clear and went back to fetch Edelweiss from her corner, where she stood, cheeks flaming from the suggestive glare the cook had given her after checking her body out.

Leading her quickly into the restroom and locking them into a cubicle, Edel's partner pulled her close against him and tilted her head towards his as the liplocked in a passionate kiss while continuing their dry humping against each other. Finally, the reluctantly pulled themselves apart and the guy proceeded to feel her up: rubbing her cunt, squeezing her breasts and running his touch up and down her silken legs. All the while, Edel had been building up to higher and higher levels of sexual ecstasy, closing her eyes and moaning her pleasure.

All of a sudden, he stopped his explorations of her body, extracting a groan from Edelweiss and forcing her eyes open. At the look of pure lust on his face, however, she knew for sure that she would be getting that and much more in just a few moments.

Lifting her short, tight skirt up to her waist, he caught hold of the waistband of her panties and pulled them down her long legs to her ankles, allowing her to step out of them before taking the sopping piece of silk to his face and taking a deep sniff. Hanging her panties on the door, he turned back to her and pushed her down to sit on the toilet seat, spreading her legs wide and kneeling down before her.

Moving his face between her widespread legs, he licked her swollen clit, teasing it gently with his tongue. Bringing his hands up to her sopping cunt, he thrust two fingers into her, ignoring the jerk of her hips and rubbing the hot, wet insides of her cunt with his hands. Nibbling gently on her clit, he increased the number of fingers in her cunt to three, filling her out completely and driving her wild with his skilful teasing. Wrapping her shapely legs around his head, she thrust her hips in time with his mouth, finding herself mounting higher and higher in ecstacy until finally, unable to contain her pleasure anymore, she burst out with a loud moan, contracting her muscles as she exploded into a shattering climax.

Sated for the moment, Edelweiss could only lean weakly against the wall as her lover stood up and unbuckled his pants, allowing them to drop on the floor. Her eyes widened as she saw the sheer size of the tent formed in his underwear and she felt a stirring in her crotch again as he pulled them down and revealed to her his huge dick. Grinning as he saw the glint of lust in her eyes, he pulled her to her feet and pushed her against the cubicle wall.

The guy stroked at her thigh for awhile longer, teasing and tantilising her as her breaths started to come in short ragged gasps and a steady flow of juices were flowing down her legs. Finally, he grabbed her right thigh and lifted it to his waist level, hiking her dress up to her waist and exposing her sopping cunt fully to him. Not wasting any time on pleasentries, Edel's lover thrust himself into her with so much force that she had the wind knocked out of her for a moment.

Bottoming out almost immediately, he then proceeded to hump into her like there was no tomorrow, filling her completely like never before. Already hot from the earlier teasing, Edelweiss orgasmed again and again as he fucked her silly for a good ten minutes. Never before had she attained even 2 orgasms in a row before, let alone the thirty or so she'd experienced in the past quarter of an hour. Finally, he thrust himself fully inside her, drawing a deep moan from her throat, and spurted his virile seed deep into her belly. He cummed for a whole thirty seconds before flashing a grin at her and drawing his now limp dick out of her cunt.

"Enjoyed yourself, whore?"

Edelweiss could only nod weakly as her knees buckled from her orgasms and she sank slowly to sit on the floor, her slim, smooth legs spread obcenely apart and white cum oozing from her freshly fucked cunt. She looked up at him and saw that he was hard again, standing in front of her and motioning her head to his dick. Getting the hint, she leaned over towards him and took him fully into her mouth, gagging slightly as his huge dick touched the back of her throat and continued going down. After awhile, she got accustomed to the size in his mouth and started sucking and licking him. Despite her youth, Edelweiss was no amateur to blowjobs. Through her years in school since the age of thirteen, she had often whored herself out to earn some extra money and had honed her skills to perfection in order to ensure her customers kept coming back for more. Focusing her expert attentions on him now, she sucked, kissed and licked with abandon, and it didn't take too long this time before he erupted again, this time in her mouth.

Trying to swallow it down, Edelweiss had only taken two gulps of the salty fluid before he pulled himself out of her mouth. Groaning at the miss of such a treat, she suddenly felt a wet shower spurt on her face, hair and dress as she realised that he had pulled himself out to cum all over her.

"Gods," she thought to herself, "Now I'm a mess!" She could not, however, deny that this sense of wild abandon was arousing her again beyond description.

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