Dead-End Street

by Big-R

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Desc: Sex Story: I seduce my willing neighbor.

We lived in an unincorporated community near Birmingham Alabama. There were sixteen houses in a small subdivision all built by the same developer but managing not to look alike. There were lots of trees and the lots were fairly large.

The street was about the length of three city blocks and ended in a oval turn around All the houses had been sold for about the same price and all but two were sold to young couples near the same ages (age 22 to 30).

There were lots of kids and they were all pre-school age. Only two mothers worked, the others were busy with their children and house keeping.

As young as we all were, I think we were all making near the same salaries where we worked.

I hope I am describing a neighborhood in which nearly all of us became really close friends.

We baby sat for each other, we helped with home improvement projects and if someone was away on vacation their lawn got mowed.

If one of the mothers was sick the other mothers kept the kids.

A lot of the women met for a coffee break each week day morning, but gossip was not allowed. They did talk about their husbands some though. Some times a story was told of some foolish thing one of the men had done and a lot of intimate details of what went on in their bed rooms got spilled.

The men were just as bad at the Wednesday night poker game.

There were eight couples of us that got really close. We were kind of like a family.

Twice a month we would party at some ones house. Some houses had three car carports some had two car garages in a basement. That was where the party would be. Every one brought what ever they wanted to drink. A bar would be set up with ice and plastic cups, most of us were beer drinkers and brought a cooler. The kids came of course. After eating we danced, it was not considered polite if a man did not dance with every woman that was there If it was my turn to entertain I would have boiled shrimp and oysters on the half shell and grilled snapper filets. (I was having to go to the Gulf Coast each week.) For the kids all of us usually had cool aid and hot dogs and hamburgers and some kind of sweet.

Perry and Nancy Cates were living in a house directly across from us and had three kids. My wife Fay and I had two.

I liked Perry and we made wine and homebrew in his basement garages. I had never really warmed up to Nancy. Nancy had always acted as if she did not care for me.

Fay and Nancy had become close friends.

The Browns were having the party next time and it was to have a South Pacific theme.

Fay and Nancy decided to make themselves Muumuu dresses and go barefoot. They were going to make necklaces of artificial flowers. Nancy could sew but her machine was in the shop for repairs. They were going to make their costumes at my and Fay’s house.

The girls could only work after Perry and I came home and could look after the kids.

I would always come home and help feed the kids and we would put them to bed. Then I would take a shower and since we slept in the nude I was accustomed to just wearing a robe until bed time.

Nancy was to come over as soon as Perry was home. The first night they worked on their dresses I had not taken my robe to the bath and I thought Nancy was not there yet. I stepped out of the bath on the way to our bed room for my robe and there in the hall was Nancy.

Nancy froze with her eyes glued to my semi-hard cock (A warm shower often does that to me). She was blocking the way to my bed room and must have stared at my prick for three minutes. Nancy’s neck and face flushed bright red and she moaned then trembled as she had an orgasm. She recovered her composure and made room for me to pass her in the hall. I put on my robe and waited until my prick softened before joining the ladies in the den.

Fay had her back to me and was cutting the cloth for the first dress, Nancy was standing facing Fay and saw me as I came in. Her eyes looked down to my crotch area and stayed there. I knew she was thinking of what she had seen in the hall. Hell I thought I would give her another look at it. I spread my legs as I sat down on the couch and gave her a long look then I got up and walked over behind Fay.

I picked up the pattern cover and looked at the picture of what the dress was supposed to look like. It was low cut and would let a lot of the top of their tits show. I looked Nancy right in the eye and asked if she liked it. She knew I was not talking about the dress. She tried to speak but her mouth did not work, she nodded a yes and averted her eyes.

I told Fay that the skirt was too tight for them to dance in. Fay agreed and said that she and Nancy were going to slit them a little at each side.

I growled “Yeah slit them all the way to the waist band and then don’t wear any panties”.

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