JT's Party

by JennTill

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, True Story, Orgy, .

Desc: Sex Story: One of the true ones. Not for the faint hearted and very explicit. About my ex-boyfriend's birthday party that turned out to be MY party! Although there are pics (taken by Mark), I don't normally send them "out"

This story represents the series of 3 pics that Mark took of Jill and I one very fun, frivolous, frolicking (and drunken) night. It started out as a dare with plenty of drinks flowing and proceeded from there with Mark breaking out his camera gear and lights. (Sorry pictures not available for transmission, so don't ask.)

I do hope you enjoy. It is meant to get you as hot and bothered as it did me that night!!

The "players" are as follows:

Jill ~ 26, Blond, fairly buxom, and very attractive. Limited bi-sexual experience but as curious as me!

Mark ~ 28 and Jill's boyfriend. Very good looking with sandy blond curly beach like looks. Surfer and hard body but somewhat good at getting people to do what he wants them to do!

Brian ~ 26 but acts much younger! My former boyfriend who had many curiousities and urges but really was better off not living out any of them! We have since broken up on very poor terms as he turned out to be quite a jealous asshole and stalked me! He ended up being very verbally abusive to me. At the time, I thought his brown hair and deep brown eyes were the most a girl could ask for.

Jennifer ~ 24 at the time...25 now. Blond, Blu and average with typical (I've been told) So. Calif. girl looks. I'm not too busty but I haven't had any complaints either! My breasts aren't my best asset but I've been told they are "perky". They fluctuate between 34 B and C depending on the time of the month/year, etc.!

Brian's birthday was coming up soon and he was laying the ground work for what [he thought] to be his ideal birthday present.

In the early stages of our relationship, we had long talks and romantic walks on the beach.

Brian seemed uncomfortable with his sexuality and, I guess, he surmised I was uncomfortable with mine. (Maybe he was just overly curious with hormones rising!)

Nothing could be further from the truth! I love guys in a good pair of tight jeans and, although I didn't date a whole lot, I had my share of boy friends but more girl friends and was somewhat sexually inhibited.

When I was younger, I babysat alot. My parents had lots of friends and liked to go out on the weekends which meant I got the kiddie patrol.

One "regular" job growing up was watching Karen for her parents who were good friends with my parents. Although she was only 3 to 4 years younger than me, when I was 13, she was 9, etc. The age difference caught up to us when I was 20 and she had just turned 17. I wrote about a particular weekend where our parents had gone to Las Vegas together and I'm not gong to repeat that story here. If you want it, ask for it by name: "Karen.txt"

Why I'm telling you about that experience is because Brian wanted to know EVERYTHING about who I had sex with, when, how old was I, etc. He was especially interested in girls "playing" together and I, unfortunately,

let it out that I had always been bi curious. Especially after Karen. I ended up telling and re-telling the story of Karen and I and Brian would get very hot hearing about it no matter how many times he heard the story. I often embellished it a little knowing he just wanted to hear it for its "stimulating" nature that it did for him (and me sometimes~Okay, most of the time!).

"So Jen, whatchagot planned for my birthday?" He asked in his most cute little boy looks.

I honestly hadn't given it much thought and told him so. "What do YOU have in mind for your birthday?" I asked him suspecting he had something already laid out.

"Hmmmm, not much. I just thought we could go out for a nice dinner, maybe rent some hot videos..." He floated that trial balloon.

"...And?" I pressed.

"I don't know, I thought maybe that would be a good night to live out one of your fantasies." He added slyly.

"One of MY fantasies, you mean one of YOUR fantasies!"

We had talked on many occasions of being with another female. I had no one in particular in mind and it really was just "playing" with the idea...not really living it out.

Somehow I felt that it was Brian who wanted to "play" rather than watch me and HER play.

He always said that his fantasy was to see me live out my fantasy of being with another female. We never really got detailed as to how or, more important, WHO this other girl would be.

Now I'm definitely not the aggressive type and just talking about same sex sex makes me squirm pretty good. I've THOUGHT it enough, but to DO IT, well, that was a whole 'nuther set of pearls!

"Brian, are you going to start that again!?"

I knew where this was going.

"Well, Mark and I have been talking...you know, when we go out surfing...and...ah,..." He was really hedging now.

"Mark? What does HE have to do with this?" I asked.

Mark was both every girl's dream and every girl's nightmare. He had exceeding good looks, nice bulges in all the right places, and he KNEW how to manipulate people from his past sales experiences. I think he sold magazine ads or something.

"Well, you know...just guy talk...but Mark and I were talking about he and Jill...Actually, HE brought it up!" Brian offered.

"You were talking about WHAT." It was more a statement than a question.

"Well...he was saying that Jill used to go to an all girls school."


"...that...well, that she also had an interest in being with another female," There it was! He said it!

"You mean you and Mark were talking about ME wanting to be with another female!!!!" I shrieked.

"...not exactly..."

He did his royal best to soften this exploitation of not only my personal sexual interests but Jill's too!

"...so what we thought we might do is just get together for a small birthday party in my honor...rent some X-rated videos, and see what happens." Simple, yeah.

"And this is what you want for your birthday?...to see me and Jill getting it on?" I was incredulous.

"Well, not exaccctleeee...we just thought we might party together... you know...in the same room."

Boy, these two guys had it ALL worked out. The only opinions they forgot to include were mine and Jill's!

"And have you and Mark talked to Jill about this?"

"We will...or I should say, he will. Don't worry. It's taken care of."

Oh brother! Mark the magnificent working every body around to do what WE want to do!

"And what are YOU going to do if things get out of hand?" I had to ask.

"What could happen?"

"OH GAWD! Who knows, Brian? ANYTHING!"

"Now Jen, I think you're making this out to be more than what we have in mind...just relax. Nobody's going to make you or I do anything we don't want to do!"

"For Chrissakes, we're just going to watch a movie, drink, and party a little. We'll be at Mark's apartment!" Brian insisted.

"I'll think about it." And that was the final word. For that time.

Jill and I talked on the phone later that week. As I said, I'm not too comfortable talking about sex as it pertains to me but the standard "check him out!" I was good for.

We had been good friends, Jill and I. I respected her and I thought she respected me. Although we had done a few shopping trips, it was mostly girl, fashion, and make-up talk. The only times we got graphic was talking about guys...ours or theirs.

"So has Mark talked to you about what Brian wants to do for his birthday?" I asked her over the phone.

"Yeah! I think it sounds like fun! Mark wants me to model some new clothes and I wanted to try out 2 new bikinis I bought yesterday." "You want to model those for Brian too?" My question didn't INTEND to sound like jealousy.

"Oh, Jen...what are you being such a fart about? I'm not going to steal your boyfriend anymore than you're going to steal mine!"

I guess I was being a little too paranoid. After all, it was only a party with close friends. And what could it hurt?

The night of Brian's 26th we all went to dinner at Red Lobster. It was Brian (and I later found out) and Jill's favorite.

I called it Led Robster because I thought they "oversold" what they actually gave you. I'm not a big eater but the pictures sure looked like more than was on the plates!

We had plenty to drink and we were all at first nervous, then very giddy about the night's prospects.

Brian was especially pleased as was Mark. You'd a thought it was HIS birthday!

We went to a very popular "couples" adult bookstore that rented and sold videos.

Jill and I went off to the "plastic" section and had more than a few giggles over this dildo and that thing that looked like a poor example of a woman's puss.

"Do guys actually USE these things?" I whispered to Jill only to have Brian and Mark overhear us.

We damned near peed our pants at some of the paraphernalia!

Brian, with Mark's help, rented 4 videos that we didn't get to pick out and hustled us out of the door.

It's a good thing, I never saw so many guys looking at us like a hunks of meat!

Jill has a "heart-shaped" ass so I know why they were looking at her...she ALWAYS gets the looks!

Some of the guys were looking at Brian and Mark, too!

We made a liquor stop and headed for Mark's apartment located near the beach.

I was drunk enough that Jill and I were in the back seat cutting it up like crazy over the blow up dolls, etc. in that damned bookstore.

Jill was wearing this red spandex tight body dress that rode up her legs and if I hadn't been another girl, she would have given me plenty of beaver shots then and there.

I noticed her. And she knew I noticed her even though we were being real giggly and playful.

"Oh Jen, wanna blow up KEN doll?!" She shrieked in laughter and gave my left breast a pinch as she rolled over in hysterics.

"He'll stay HARD all night!" She went on nearly falling to the floor board. I don't think the guys appreciated our observations.

We pulled into the underground parking garage and headed up to Mark's. Mark's place which was very seductive. It was stark white but had this great pale blue indirect lighting that made the place cozy and sexy. With a flick of the knob, we had instant fire in the fireplace which added more to the effect.

"Let's have some bubbly and celebrated the 'old guys' birthday!" Mark chortled.

"HERE'S to you, Brian!" everyone yelled in jubilant unison.

Moments later, Jill said, "Wait 'til you see what I bought!"

"Yeah, let's see her model that!" Mark goaded everybody as if on cue. We headed to the back bedroom while the guys stayed out in the living room.

I've seen Jill naked before and she, me. But somehow this was a little different. I think we ALL knew what was coming so it made her and I look at each other in a little different light this night.

"Check this out Jen!" She was so excited.

She laid out 2 or three different outfits which I jealously admired. Then she had another bag of 3 bikini's and some red, black, and white lingerie and teddies.

"Wanna try 'em on?!" She was like a little kid.

I knew her to be a size or two bigger than me but for the most part, everything would probably fit.

"Here, Jen...let me help you!" She began to fidget with my top and quickly undressed herself.

Jill has magnificent tits. There is no other way to express it. They aren't huge, just the right size...especially for her frame and body size.

What I hadn't paid too much attention to in the past was her pussy. I realized it was nearly identical to mine in hair color, etc.

"What the hell are you doin' in there!" Came the boys booming voices.

After I tried on a few, I told her it was her modeling show and I would still the natives out in the living room.

She told me to get Mark to put on some good music and she would be ready.

When I went out to the living room, Mark had already "set the stage". It looked liked a ramp at a fashion show, complete with lights and everything!

"What were you doing,?" Brian asked me surrepticiously as if we had eaten each other's pussies raw without them.

"NOTHING, BRI..." I went to the stereo and asked him to help me with the music.

I smelled pot and Mark had fired up a bowl and was passing it to me and Brian. I normally don't smoke pot but I had had just enough drink that it didn't seem to matter what we did.

"OKA-Ay...I'm ready", we heard Jill from the bedroom. Brian and I had settled on the love seat (how appropriate) while Mark fiddled with all his camera gear and lights.

Jill looked stunning as she entered the room with the first handker- chief style dress that was so see through I thought Brian would drool all over me. She looked like an angel goddess.

She almost reminded me of Nicole Kidman but her hair isn't red red. Mark's camera began whirring away as Jill gave an attitude walk to the end of the living room, spun around, stuck her tits out, and walked back.

"AWRIGHT!" The guys whooped and hollered as her ass sashayed back to the bedroom.

Next was the the other, more revealing strapless.

Again...same routine. Brian hands me the bowlfull again and Jill comes over to me and says, "Hey...what about the model!"

She takes a big toke while Mark continues recording everything for posterity.

"Quit it, Brian!" Brian was coping a feel as he watched HER! I feigned being annoyed knowing full well he would feel my tits and more before the night was done.

Finally Jill put on her sexiest "anal floss" bikini.

What a tan bod! She sure could knock 'em over with that one!

Mark puffed his chest out proudly as she sauntered by him and gave his crotch a quick squeeze.

"Damn." Brian said as he saw her ass cheeks bared and her hand over Mark's swollen crotch.

"Let's see YOU wear something like that, Jen!" Brian challenged.

"What...you don't think I could!"? I countered.

"Yeah!" Mark and Jill jumped in as Jill scooped me up to go change.

Since she now had 3 suits, she changed and gave me the last one which was white and nearly revealing everything.

This time when we changed we both were very high and giggly but we also lingered just a little longer at each other's bared skin.

My pink nail polish contrasted with the whiteness of the suit and Jill put on the black one to contrast with her french nail polish.

This time when we both "walked the ramp" both guys were on their feet and had visable hard-ons straining against their pants.

Since I had seen Brian's many times, I was checking out Mark's while Jill was tantalizing Brian.

She made it a point to rub that firm ass of hers right up against Brian as she made the turn and smiled at me as if to say, "isn't this fun!"

It was all in good fun and we were all drunk and high enough that it didn't matter.

"So what movies did you get, Mark?" Jill prodded with her sly grin.

"Well let's see here..." Mark pulled out each big box.

"We got 'Girls night out', 'Anally yours', 'Vixen's Delight', and

'Studs and Suds'

"GIRL'S NIGHT OUT!' Jill and I asked for in unison. Mark dimmed the lights back down with Brian's help and set the scene for the VCR and his massive Big Screen TV by moving sofas around.

It was like being in a big, plush, theatre. But much more intimate.

As the guys got things organized, Jill motioned me to the kitchen with our empty glasses.

"You don't have to feel threatened in the least, Jen. You know I would never want to upset you in any way, right?"

Her reassurance was more than a comfort but I think I was oblivious to caring. The night was Brian's and he was going to get whatever it was he wanted. I didn't even care if he fucked Jill !

"Don't worry, Jill...I'm fine...I'm a big girl...and so are you."

We gave each other a reassuring hug and I felt Jill reach down and give my ass a little squeeze.

"Damn, girl, what a tight ass you have!"

I was revelling in her ample bosom being pushed against mine. And, for the first time, her closeness brought her perfume wafting up my nostrils. "Nice" I thought to myself.

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