Snow Bound

by Becky

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: She waited so long to have her chance with him. <b>True Story</b>

Teresa felt very fortunate, this was her second winter in Aspen Colorado. She had answered an ad for a house-sitter for an elderly rich couple. Every winter they left the beautiful Aspen ski resorts to stay at there home in the French Riviera for at least 6 months. Although the newspaper ad said they wanted a person over 40 years old, the old couple were impressed by Teresa's good looks and friendly disposition and decided to give the young 20 year old a chance. Now it was her second year house sitting for them and Teresa was looking forward to a great winter of skiing and meeting new friends.

Today was her first morning at the gorgeous 8 bedroom mansion over-looking the slopes. Teresa had just stepped out of the shower and had wrapped herself in a giant oversized white terry cloth robe. She sat in the kitchen and watched as the morning sun peeked over the mountain tops and the warming rays shown through the huge windows and covered her dewy skin. Her first thought was how beautiful this all was plus the fact they paid her $100 per week just to stay there. Her second thought and the one that always seemed to be with her, was of her older brother Tom. She often dreamed of her brother and in these idyllic surroundings, it was easy for her mind to drift away.

Ever since she was a very young girl, she had a crush on her brother. At the time, her entire family lived together and there's was a close family with lots of hugs and kisses for every occasion; good morning hugs, hugs at school, afternoon hugs when she got home. Teresa felt the hugs from her brother Tom probably were just functionary for him, but when he wrapped his arms around her, a shiver passed through her body from head to toes, each and every time. Soon she learned to give her brother extra hugs for almost no reason. Just to feel her young body pressed up against his lean, almost a man, torso. By the time Teresa turned 14, even her sister Karen was enjoying getting extra hugs from their older brother. Teresa had extremely fond memories of age 14. That was the summer she finally realized she had a mad crush on her brother. It was also the summer of the "pool" incident. Like most girls her age, she was just blossoming and her curves were pretty much in place. Her breast weren't as large as she would have liked, but she had a cute face and pretty hair. She knew that in a small bikini, she could cause men to stare. Lots of boys at school were always trying to kiss and touch her, but she felt they were all just snotty kids. Her brother Tom on the other hand was a real hunk. At the time he was 18 years old, just 4 years older than Teresa and had a job doing lawn care. Tom's body was lean and well suntanned. Not quite muscular, but well defined. Most of the younger girls in school including Teresa's friends Brenda and Nancy all fantasized about him as if he was a famous rock star. Many times her girl friends would come over to use their outdoor pool, but really just to flirt with Tom. If they only knew that Teresa had more than a sisterly interest in him also. Naturally there was a lot of teasing going on and it seemed that all her friends and Teresa herself would dress just to show off when Tom was around.

It had been a very hot, muggy August day. Teresa, her sister Karen and all her friends were spending the afternoon in the back yard at the pool. Tom had come home early because it was too hot to work on lawns. There was lots of whispering and a few giggles when Tom showed up at the pool and dove in for a swim. Soon everybody was in the pool playing keep the beach ball away from Tom. At one point Teresa grabbed the beach ball from Tom just as he put his hand on top of her head and dunked his kid sister underwater. Just as quickly he reached deep into the pool, grabbing Teresa by the waist and tossed her out of the water with a giant splash. But Tom's hands had slipped on her waist as he tossed her, holding onto her small breast instead. Nobody seemed to have noticed except Teresa. A short while later all the girls including Teresa were laying on towels sunning on the edge of the pool watching Tom swim around. Some of them untying there bikini tops so the strings wouldn't leave white lines. Teresa couldn't stop thinking about her brother touching her breast. She felt extra warm but it wasn't from the sun. She stared at her brother in a complete, total dream state. Suddenly somebody was calling her name repeatedly, snapping her out of the trance she was in. Teresa leaned up high on her elbows to see her brother looking down at her asking when Mom and Dad would be home. Then Tom softly said " nice tits sis". Suddenly she remembered she had also untied her top and for the last 20 seconds had been talking with her brother topless. All the girls were laughing and giggling but Tom just gave Teresa a sweet smile and sat down on a lounge chair. She quickly tied her top back in place.

That pool incident was almost 7 years ago and now Tom was 25 years old and married to a pretty girl named Tina. Still, Teresa wasn't embarrassed that her brother saw her boobies, actually it was exciting. She had wanted him to see them and touch them many more times since. Now at 21 years old, Teresa was a full grown woman. The baby fat was gone, her waist had slimmed down and her breast had grown to a very nice 34C size. A quick look at the clock revealed she had been day dreaming about Tom for over an hour. Then the idea came to her. She would invite Tom and Tina to visit here at Aspen for a week or so. Maybe she could even get her old friends Brenda and Nancy to come also.

It had been almost two weeks since she had made the phone calls. Now sitting at the Aspen airport, Teresa was excited to see her friend Brenda come through the gate. Nancy would arrive in about 3 days but more importantly, Tom would be here tomorrow morning on the 9:40 flight. Brenda and Teresa headed back to the large home in the 4x4 Jeep Wagoneer the older couple had left for her to use. Brenda looked great and had always been the bouncy, happy one in the group of close knit friends. Her first question to Teresa was, when was Tom arriving? Teresa tried to act shocked reminding her friend that Tom was married now. Brenda just laughed back and told Teresa that never stopped her from looking before. She told her friend she didn't make goo-goo eyes at her brother. Brenda was laughing loudly now and exclaiming that Teresa had the hots for her brother ever since they were young girls. Brenda even admitted she would love to get him in the sack herself. Teresa told her friend she was a pervert, but Brenda just laughed again and stated Teresa wouldn't hesitate to make love to her brother if she got half a chance. There was a moment of silence in the car before both girls burst out laughing. Teresa was thinking this was going to be a long night, plus, had she been so obvious about her attraction for her brother?

The following day was a fast blur. One moment they were heading to the airport and the next her beautiful brother was hugging her and then in a complete surprise, he gave Teresa a sweet brotherly kiss. Naturally Brenda stepped forward for her turn at a hug and kiss. Soon Tina said since she was the wife, it was her turn. Both Brenda and Teresa stood watching as the young couple kissed in such a long, steamy way that Teresa felt sure the airport security would have to break them up. Brenda whispered 'wow' into Teresa's ear, but Teresa was mesmerized by the long hot kiss and was actually pretending it was her that was kissing Tom. What she wouldn't give to trade places with Tina right then and there. That night they all went out for supper. Tom with three beautiful young women in attendance.Teresa and Brenda dressed to out-do each other and make an impression on Tom and Tina dressed hot, to remind Tom that he was married. Later back at the house Tom and Tina retired to their bedroom. Although Teresa had prepared a separate room for both Brenda and Nancy, that night Brenda stayed with Teresa and they talked long into the night, and mostly about Tom.

The next two days went pretty fast with Tom and Tina acting like newly weds and Teresa and Brenda fighting off the hordes of ski bums chasing them around. There was fresh snow almost every day and although nobody was an accomplished skier, they all had fun. On Thursday Nancy arrived and the gang was complete. Friday was the first day they all hit the slopes together. On the third run downhill, Tom decided to try the advanced run. An hour later found all the girls at the Aspen General Hospital as Tom went into surgery for a broken leg. By Sunday, Tom was back at the house and in a pretty good mood considering the full cast on his entire left leg. The break had been clean and the doctor said Tom would heal quickly and with no complications. The remainder of the weekend was spent nursing the patient. Tina took care of the sponge baths although Teresa said she wouldn't mind since it was just her brother. Naturally Brenda and Nancy volunteered also but had to settle for bringing him food and drinks.

The next week, the girls were wondering what to do since they had another week before they all had to return back home. Teresa suggested that Tina, Brenda and Nancy go skiing and she would look after Tom. After a lot of discussion the girls left for the slopes. Teresa started to clean up the house quietly as not to wake her sleeping brother. Around 10:00 she peeked in on him and found he was till asleep. The doctor had given him some pain medication that was making him also sleepy.

Teresa looked down at her sleeping brother. Now at 25, he looked more handsome than ever. He was just as lean looking if not more but he still had that soft baby face look she remembered when they were young. Teresa realized her heart was pounding fast. Years of fantasizing about her brother and now he was asleep in front of her. Like a magnet she bent over and gently kissed his cheek. He never stirred. She felt more love for Tom than ever before and with that she kissed him on his lips. After a few more kisses, Tom started to wake up and said hello to his kid sister. She leaned close and gave him a long hot French kiss. Tom in his half groggy state instinct-fully kissed back and it wasn't until after Teresa broke the long kiss that he fully realized he had just kissed his sister. He started to apologize when Teresa started to kiss him again. Soon they were kissing like new lovers when Tom softly said how much he loved her and how he always wanted to be close like this with her.

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