Diana's First Anal Sex

by BillyG

Caution: This Anal Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Anal Sex Story: An accident got them both hooked on buttfucking

My girlfriend Diana and I decided to take a ride, to see a little of the Bay Area from Skyline Boulevard south of San Francisco. It was one of those hot, sun-drenched days and we were chatting about nothing much in particular when the inevitable topic came up: sex.

We were both turned on and before either of us knew what was happening, she had my pants unzipped and by cock was standing up straight as she stroked the shaft in a soft, teasing way. She laughed as she watched the pre-cum ooze from the pee slit in its head.

Still unthinking, I pulled the hem of her dress to her waist and slipped my right hand beneath the elastic of her panties. They were soaking, and I laughed, shaking my head at her, trying for a surprised look... but it didn't work. Jeez, she was hot. Pussy cream was spilling into the crack of her ass, drenching my hand as I pushed two of my fingers inside her. I kept drifting toward the side of the road.

"I'm so hot, Billy, I can't wait. Pull over!"

"No, we'll be back home soon," I answered, "all alone in the window box. Can you wait?"

"No! But I guess I'll have to," she answered petulantly.

She shuddered -- and I mean all over -- and pushed her pelvis up, taking my two fingers deeper. I could feel her pussy inside, hot and dripping. Her mouth was open and wet and her fist was jerking my cock harder and harder.

"Easy, babes, please -- before I kill us!" I slowly pulled my fingers from her wet slot and she made those sounds I love to hear! I couldn't wait to get my urgent prick into her wet and tight cunt.

When we arrived back home, I almost dragged her into the bedroom in my haste. Slipping my hand around her, I felt the firmness of her breast through her light, skimpy summer dress. No bra. As usual. Her nipple stood up long and hard, and I pulled on it as I steered her into the window box.

My cock was hot and stiff, and my balls felt like they were filled with molten lead. I was heavy with desire and it flowed throughout my body, making my ass muscles clench. The way Diana fell on the bed, legs akimbo, was enough to drive any dude nuts! I flipped her on her stomach and pulled her dress up, checking her buns. Her panties were stuck to the middle of her twin buns. They have that special kind of roundness, firm and jutting out -- a chisel butt, an invitation to butt fuckers.

It was getting hotter and hotter in that window box, but that may have been just me, I think. Diana started to turn over, but I knelt on top of that wild ass and struggled with her panties as I ground my hard cock and ball into her ass. She was moaning and making those wild little sounds as her ass lifted and pressed back, making my cock lurch as I slipped her dress off so fast I almost tore it... but neither one of us was worrying about stuff like that just then.

"Doggie-style," she muttered, "I love, Billy!"

I knew that! I loved it too. There was nothing finer than feeling Diana's velvety ass under me as I stuck my cock into her over and over until she screamed and screamed. But she never screamed for me to stop -- that's for sure.

Well, I got my clothes off too, hating to be away from her hot body even for a second. Her hands tugged and pulled gently at my balls in the few seconds I was standing. Her dress was puddled near her head and I gave it a last yank, throwing it to the floor as I fell on top of her. She was so curvy and tall, and inch or two taller than me, but of no consequence when she was prone! She had everything, including a natural, sweetish, musky smell that gives evidence to the chemical attraction of pheromones.

I could never forget a minute of that far-out accident that changed our sex lives forever. We were both so hot for each and her thick red hair was shiny with sweet as she turned her head to the side, her full lips parted and a thing line of saliva dripping onto the blanket in the window box.

"You're so heavy," she moaned, trying to lift up against my weight. She was dripping wet as I slipped my right hand beneath her hot pussy, my mouth going dry as my fingers felt her creaming goo. Wriggling my finger into her wet hole made her entire body shake and she was begging me for my cock.

My hard dick was firm between Diana's ass cheeks, and she was sweating inside those deep cheeks and that wetness mixed with her cunt-cream I'd smeared on my shaft. I slipped my hand from her cunt after giving it one good tight squeeze that had her cry out in pleasure. I reached around her and filled my hands with her delectable tits, feeling the firm nipples pressing against the skin of my palms. Their softness and fullness filled me as I pulled downward on her areolae and a tender milking motion.

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