Whoring Around in Restaurant Job

by Salahuddin Rehmaan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Slavery, True Story, Workplace, Gang Bang, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex, Indian Erotica, Nudism, Prostitution, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Girl took major decision and seprated from her husband's who were pimping her. Instead she herself offered her services to a resturant owner who started to use her as an entertainer in a specially clasified resturant.

This isn’t my story but submitted to me by one of my reader, she mailed me the whole story and I’m submitting it on behalf of her, you can mail me on rehmaan .1994@gmail.com or contact her directly at her mail address. So her story goes in her word...

Please read the first part “DEFILED VICTIM IN STRANGE LOVE”. And second part “TURNING INTO HUSBANDS WHORE”

Let me introduce myself, I’m Roopa Ghosh, age 20, fitted body, slender legs, especially curved thighs especially thicker than normal, firm and straight boobs as especially noticed by everyone, fair skin, height 5 feet 5 inch. I myself was amazed of the fact that 32 sized boobs could stand so straight without even bra. I was amazed to see that even boobs could stand so straight even without bras. My face has an innocent looks and lips were magnificent. Being ready, to get laid with my three husbands made up one thing clear to me. They didn’t love me, and I was just a flesh for them. I was like a slut an entertainment for them and their friends. Though I still had emotional attachment to three of them but I also realized the fact that their attention won’t last long. So I decided to see alternatives, previously I was fucking them with an attention and attraction towards them. But now I was fucking those peoples also who had nothing to do with attraction and attention. Few months of crude fucking developed so much confidence in me that I could get nude in front of anyone and let laid with anyone. I proposed an idea to Akbar, I said that they had already visited their native’s places and it has been months that I have visited mine. So I asked him permission to see my village. He thought for a while and asked about the duration. I said that two month’s time would be fine but if they were not comfortable than 1 month or 15 days will also do. He talked with rest of them and gave me a green signal for two months. Though the friends of all three were eagerly interested in crushing my body but these three weren’t that much interested now. Reason was a daily routine type fucking sessions and lack of love towards me. I told them that I’ll leave in two days.

Next day, as they left to college, I got ready to visit the same restaurant I was serving in previously. I went to the restaurant as a guest and my team was delighted to see me. The manager and the owner were having the same response. As I had told earlier that response I got in this restaurant were more than other girl’s waiters, so as I quit the job the response of the hotel decreased a lot. The business was on loss, so for a chance the owner and manager asked me whether I needed job still or not. That was the question I was waiting for. I told them that I needed job and my old position was still empty or not. The manager told me that it was empty and I can join anytime. I showed my delight and so deal was final. I told them I’ll join in day or two. For accommodation the old flat, the old transport was ready. I went back, packed my luggage, took leave from them and rushed to the flat. My roommates were delighted to see me and after a day rest I was back on my old job. I was little healthier than before, which caused to fit the dress I wore on my body even tighter. The curves showed more than before and the response was awesome. Within three days the restaurant was back to life. The restaurant got same rush of customer again, and I was getting same type of response which I got earlier. Everyone was happy, my colleagues were jealous but as I started to share the tip I got, they were back on my side. I had something in my mind and needed a little time to implement it. The late afternoon and early evening time was a slack time for the business. We hardly got any customer at that time and so most of us were free at that time. So usually I and the manager sat in his cabin for some chit chat. The manager was in late thirties or early forties. He was nice guy by nature but womanish by nature. He always tried to hit on me previously but I never paid head to it. This time he didn’t hit on me directly but though passed some dual meaning comments. I wanted him to be part of my plan so instead of getting uncomfortable I started to pass him smiles. On one such afternoon he asked me about my activities in my absence. I told him a fake story, not what I actually did but a bogus story which I had in my mind. I told him that I was working in a posh restaurant in Kolkata. As we were completely free he asked me to elaborate about the place more. In a secret manner I asked him to come closer. Pretending as I was telling him some very secret thing. He came closer; I told him that the manager in that restaurant was a cunning man. He was having a partition in the hotel. It was on first floor, which was previously been used as storage purpose. The stairs to it went from the ground floor itself. So that manager cleared the area & built temporary partitions in the area. This area was used to serve alcohol to special customers.

My manager interrupted that this happens in lots of city. I smiled and said that the alcohols were been served by girls in that floor. He exclaimed that where that guy got girls for that, serving as waiter was fine but serving nude need separate girls and how he brought them in. I told him that the regular waitress in the restaurant did that. I told him that all girls usually worked there as normal waitress, but few were being convinced for special purpose. So as those customers came, those girls go to the 1st floor in uniform and then get rid of their clothes in a secret room. Then they served drinks and if customers were interested that they could have those girls too. Few amounts were commission of the manager and rest the girls could keep with them. He looked convinced but barked a question for me. I was expecting it so responded comfortably. He asked how I knew those things in so details. Before I could answer he barked another question that I was been involved in such act. I responded lightly that yes I was. He exclaimed that he can’t believe it. This was because of my previous reputation; I wasn’t involved in such things and had denied his previous approaches too. I asked him that how’s going to believe it. He passed the ball to my court, saying me to prove it. I looked outside the floor was empty. Though the cabin was made up of glass but it had curtains inside. I closed the curtain and sat on the chair again. He was little confused with this, still I smiled at him and he smiled back. I had already came with enough preparation so was wearing a top without bra. As the top was of thick fabric and dark colour it wasn’t easy to recognize that I wasn’t wearing any bra inside. Within a flash I raised my top up, giving him full view to my boobs. He was shocked with that and took 30 seconds to adjust with it. He smiled and asked whether he could touch and feel them. I rose up, went to him and sat on the table just in front of him. He asked him to go ahead and do whatever he likes. He grabbed my both boobs and started to squeeze them hard. He looked at me, sitting holding my tops and placed my nipple in his lips. He started to take turns pressing and sucking my nipples. While he was busy in his deed, I opened my jeans button and opened the zip of it. He looked shock and asked what I was doing. I smiled and asked whether he’s going to leave me without doing the real thing. He left me so I dropped my pants. I pulled my pants off my body, followed by my hanging tops. As he was about to attack me again I requested him to go to the sofa. He nodded his head and within few seconds I was on sofa, and he was above me all naked.

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