Journey Without Pants

by Salahuddin Rehmaan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, True Story, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Indian Female, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex, Indian Erotica, .

Desc: Sex Story: A lady drove with car and accidently got bottomless, but she kept on her journey. Situation took dramatic turn and she was been required to get out of the car, each time she came out in that state, she was been well ravished by stranges.

This isn’t my story but submitted to me by one of my reader, she mailed me the whole story and I’m submitting it on behalf of her, you can mail me on rehmaan or contact her directly at her mail address So her story goes in his word...

Myself Bhama Chouhan, I am divorced due to some circumstantial situations, I’m 30 and have a four-year-old child, but he lives with my parents and I live all alone. It’s not so that my parents don’t support me, but it’s me who want to stand on my own feet. I have a perfect figure of 34 by 32 by 34, I looked ravishingly beautiful and no one could resist fucking me. I am a white beauty and sun usually turns me red. I got puffy lips, tight boobs, broad waist, broad thighs and up straight bums. My nipples are medium in size and pink in colour. I usually wear tight pants and tops all the time. Feel more comfortable it that but it also enriches my beauty in that and people’s eyes keeps on following me all the times. As I’m divorced and don’t wear any traditional ornaments now, no one even thinks that I’m married and a mother of four-year-old child. I basically stay in New Delhi in a rented Apartment, all alone, and work as a school teacher. As it’s a private school and that too of high grade it pays me enough not even to survive but also to build a savings.

It was October when an interstate competition was going to be held in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. Our school was being selected for that and three male students and three female students were selected for few competitions over there. A male teacher along with a female teacher were been selected to go there along with the students. I was a new teacher joined this year itself, less experienced so I wasn’t among the group. I didn’t want to go either so on desired day the trip was executed and we all went to the station to bid them good bye and best of luck. But dramatically or unfortunately in the journey the female staff went sick. She abandoned the train in the journey and came back by an ambulance. The staff meeting was being organised next day itself. All were being searching for an alternative and find none as trains were pack and Tatkaal tickets were even not so sure. The agents who arranged Tatkaal tickets surrendered due to festive rush. Our principal found a solution, he said that he owns a car and if anyone knows to drive then they can drive to Jaipur by road. He asked for females who could drive, I raised my hand and then immediately understood my mistake. I know several female staffs that could drive but no one raised their hands. It seemed that due to festive season, no one wanted to go. Our principal looked at me and asked me to go with another female staff. I reluctantly agreed as I didn’t find any excuse. But none of the female staff was ready to come along. The principal tried to convince several but they had strong excuses. I was fed up with the silly excuses so I told the principal that I can manage all alone. He looked at me and said that it’s quite dangerous to drive for a girl all alone. But I wanted to make my position in the school strong so I declared that I was fine. Principal gave me car keys and maps instruction and I came home. The whole journey was of 933 KM or more and he instructed me to drive in parts, not to try to drive constantly. It was Sunday that day and I was required to reach on Wednesday morning so I had sufficient time to drive and have rest in some hotels in the way.

I reached home by car and then packed my goods. I put them in the car luggage set and locked it back. I locked the flat and then moved out. I took the car and started to drive. I drove constantly until I reached Neemrana, it was around 4 pm then and the weather was cloudy. I was praying that it shouldn’t rain but to my dismay it rained. The road was hard to see and so I stopped the car on a side. I waited the rain to subside. So after 30 minutes of good shower the rain stopped. I moved on the road again but on a point I stopped. As the rain had washed away the pollution and dust the scenes were looking great. So I stopped near such a scene and was enjoying the weather and the pleasant nature. I viewed it for few moments and then walked back to the car. But before I could reach the car, a truck passed by and splashed the mud water collected near the road side with his tyres. I was drenched in the water till my waist. My pant was all wet and water even reached my panty. I cursed the driver and went to open my luggage to get spare clothes. I opened my purse and immediately realised my mistake. I forgot to bring the keys of briefcase. I cursed myself and started to think options. There was no way I could keep driving in wet pants. And any option of breaking lock was only possible at reaching my destination only. I stood there thinking for 15 minutes and then a foolish thought came in my mind. I say it foolish because I regretted it afterwards but that time it looked brilliant. I sat inside the car and got out of my pants. I pulled it out along with my panty. I sub sided the back door window and placed them on the left side back door window. My plan was while driving it will get dry due to air flow. I didn’t want to hang it on right side as lots of peoples may notice that and on right side it was very less chance that someone notices it. I smiled at my brains, even I considered myself genius then, but I know it was a foolish decision.

So I started to drive, after a good drive and while I was about to reach Behror, I decided to wear them back. I stopped the car and turned back, I nearly screamed in terror what I saw. My pants and panty were not on the window. It seems it flew off somewhere in the way. As it was opposite side to my driving seat I didn’t notice when it happened. Now I had nowhere to go, how will I move on without pants and panty, just in my tops? I decided to get a rock somewhere and break the briefcase. It was the only option left. So I started to drive again looking around to see big rock that could break the briefcase. While looking for rock I completely forgot that I was on a road and must keep an eye on the road. A guy in a bike was taking a turn to left side. He was too slow but I didn’t see him. My car bonnet hit rear of his motorcycle and he fell on the road. I panicked and looked at him; he was wearing a green shirt and white pant. Instead of slowing down I hit the accelerator. I speed up the car until he was out of sight and then slowed my car down. Then another shock hit my mind, I forgot to bring the driving license too. Usually I take public transport for school so I don’t carry driving license always. I started to feel like crying and started to drive slowly. About 10 minutes later the road seemed blocked by two bikes. I stopped the car as soon I reached there. I looked around and saw a guy in green shirt and white pant coming towards me. He was accompanied by another guy who was in t-shirt and jeans. I was dumb shock, seems that they both took any shortcut and reached here before me. They came to the driver’s window and knocked the window. I was thinking what to do, should I drive the car and smash the bikes. But I then realized that if anything happens that it will be a serious issue. Addition to this I wasn’t carrying my driving license and this car wasn’t mine. I lowered the window glass. The guy in green shirt was on fire and started to abuse me for rash driving but the other guy was soft and was instructing my mistake. He was telling me that I should have stopped and at least see that he was fine or not. He asked me to come out of the car. There I panicked again, I started to beg them for forgiveness and I don’t even remember that what else I told them.

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