Two Sisters Altogether

by Salahuddin Rehmaan

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including True Story, Rough, Group Sex, First, Indian Erotica, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Getting involved in affair with elder sister but circumstance involved her younger sister also.

This isn’t my story but submitted to me by one of my reader, he mailed me the whole story and I’m submitting it on behalf of him, you can mail me on rehmaan, writer do not want to get contacted directly. So his story goes in his word...

The story began when I was working for a Computer Teaching Institute. Let me introduce myself first, my name is something else but people call me Nishu, it was a pet name for me but when whole city inherited it I was known as this name only and people actually forgot my real name. Anyways coming back to the story, I was a tough teacher and my students were very fond of me, girls usually tried to flirt with me but I wasn’t interested in anyone of them. Until one day a receptionist got introduced to my branch. Her name was Bhama Chouhan and she was hell beautiful, around 5 feet few inches, thick thighs, thick waist, beautiful face and beautiful smile. She talked politely and everyone was impressed with her. I was searching a perfect time to express my intention towards her. But couldn’t do it, another staff of our institute proposed her and she took it as assault and resigned immediately. I came to know about it next day; the person who proposed her was good friend of mine. So I barked at him, he was surprised to know that I was interested in her and felt sorry for it. It wasn’t his fault so I just smiled and said it was absolutely fine. I was disheartened but yet it was nothing I could do about it. So I just thought it to my bad luck and forget it forever.

A month later I got sick and doctor suggested me to get bed rest for at least 15 days. I took leave and went to rest. Two days later I received call from Bhama Chouhan, I don’t know how she managed to get my number but she did call me. She was having some pending salary at the institute so she wanted help from my side. I assured her that I’ll help her and called few students of mine to talk to director. The director released the salary immediately and handed that student with a slip to get it signed from Bhama. The student went to her house and handed her the salary and got the slip signed. She was graceful for me that I helped her and so she asked that guy how I was. He looked amazed and said that I was seriously ill and on bed rest, he thought she already knows it. She wasn’t so after he left, she started to text me. She texted me and asked about my wellness and asked me to keep texting her whenever I like. She would surely like to company me in this period. So we started to text jokes, phrases and sometimes personal talks. I was gaining confidence to propose her now, she didn’t mind my light flirts and enjoyed it. But for thick flirts she always warned me and said that I’m going too far and she won’t talk now. But after few minutes she again texted with some other topics and our text started again. I recovered in the designated time, we always texted never talked cause my family didn’t liked me talking with any girl, my family upbringing are too conservative. So when I was released from bed and house, doctor declared me fit so I was out of house. It was around seven in the evening so instead of texting her I called her. The phone belongs to her elder sister but fortunately she picked up the phone and we talked. Talked on 1000’s of topic and don’t know when 7 turned to 8 then 9 then 10 and then 10:30. Her sister was on fire and scolded her well but she said that she likes talking to me. These words developed confidence and hope for her.

Next day I called her again, around 7 pm at evening, her sister picked the phone and I desired to talk with Bhama. She handed her the phone and again we talked till 10:30 PM. She was scolded again by her sister but she didn’t mind at all. Next day I called her again, this time her sister was on fire, she scolded me that I was trying on her sister and was trying to build an affair with her. I assured her that it wasn’t trying on her sister and we just talked friendly. She wasn’t satisfied with my explanation; she was tempered that if it was just a friendly talk then why and what we talked till 3-4 hours. I said it was general things but she wasn’t convinced. She asked me not to call her again on her number and not to talk with her sister ever. She was gone again; my hope to propose her was lost again. Shit I should have proposed her already but it was no use now. Next day her sister called me again. She desired to see me; her sister said that Bhama was furious what she said to me. So to clear up doubts she wanted to meet me. I was doubtful that she may hit me so meeting in her public was very risky. So I insisted her to visit me at a Gomuti, Gomati is actually a slum tea and snack shop with tin sheet as wall and roof. I knew a person owning a Gomati, actually that person I met few months ago, he was nice guy so I helped him financially and so he started a Gomati, tea snacks and cigarettes were free at his place for me. So I called him and asked that is that possible to keep the Gomati empty from 7 PM to 8 PM. He said it wasn’t possible but he’ll still manage. He asked me the reason and I said I wanted to meet someone in private. He assured me that next day the place will be empty from 6 to 9 PM. I called Bhama’s sister and confirmed her place; she hesitated a little but then said OK.

I reached at Gomati next day around 6:30 PM, as expected the entire place was empty, the Gomati had a six tables with four chairs each. I took the corner table, tea and snack were served and I started to wait. 7 passed 7:15 passed and 7:30 passed but she didn’t showed up, I was relieved that she won’t show up now, indeed I was nerves. Just I was about to leave a girl entered the Gomati, she was slim, with tight clothes on, she had covered her face with a scarf, but in terms of figure which was been exposed in her tight dress, she was awesome. I could figure out her entire curves and her height was around 5.7, long hair, her hair was long thick and till her waist. Her palms were fair and white with glowing texture of skin. She was beautiful I considered even without seeing her face. She asked something from the Gomati owner and he pointed towards me. I understood she was Bhama’s sister. I pretended to be relaxed and she opened her scarf. My goodness, she was awesome, one of the most beautiful girl I had seen in my life. Beautiful face, pointed nose, pink and thin lips, round eyes, spotless face, thin eyebrow, thick eye lashes, oval face. Wow she was hell beautiful. I kept on staring at her face when she said, “Priydarshini.” I said, “What?” She said again, “Priydarshini.” I nodded my head in negative so she said again, “Priydarshini Chouhan, I’m Bhama sister.” I said, “Sorry, I thought it’s a place, please sit.” I ordered tea and some biscuits which arrived immediately. She took tea and then we started to talk. She told about her family, that they were only two sisters and as she was older, she was responsible to take care of her younger sister. She herself was against any love relationship and was expecting same from Bhama. She warned me that if I ever try something with Bhama she will screw me up. I was hell interested in Bhama but after seeing Priydarshini my mind set changed. She was more beautiful than Bhama.

To take an opinion, I asked her that what her sister said to her. She said that Bhama has taken oath that she wasn’t in affair with me and she doesn’t think about me in such a way. I said that the matter is finished. She said that she wasn’t convinced yet. I said if she doesn’t believe me it was fine but at least she should believe her sister, she herself had filled her with ethics and she doubt her own ethics now. She looked at me angrily and said that she was sorry. She told me that she was trust her sister but still had a doubt so came to confirm. She excused herself and took my leave and went off. But I couldn’t remove her from my eyes, she was stuck in my imagination and I dreamt her all night. Whenever I tried to think about Bhama Priydarshini took it over, Bhama image faded and I always got clear image of Priydarshini only. I called her next day to meet me at the same place. She said that she was clear about me now and she don’t think there is something left to be cleared about. I told her that I wanted to tell her something important and it was good if she comes. She said ok and told me that she’ll reach around 7 in evening. I was again there around 6:30 pm and waited there for quite long hours. She reached there around 8 pm making me impatient. She said sorry about it as she stuck in office. I said that it was fine and we had few snacks and tea. After it she asked what the matter was so I said that I think I love her. She turned furious and howled at me. She scolded me that how could I think about it. I asked her to calm down and told her several reasons for it. I told her that she was beautiful & self-confident, so she hit my heart. She said she thinks I’m mad, and she doesn’t want to continue this discussion. She got up and left immediately cursing me up.

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