How My Wrestling Fetish Started

by Allan

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, True Story, Sister, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Voyeurism, .

Desc: True Sex Story: A short true story about where my interest in erotic wrestling came from.

When I was young, early teens, I loved to watch the wrestling on UK TV, those guys in swim trunks grappling each other for pins and submissions. Seeing them bare chested always gets me horny even to this day. Being an adolescent and learning all about sex I got a real thrill watching these guys bare chested and nearly nude apart from their trunks. I guess I was in the early stages of identifying myself as bisexual although the term did not exist in those days. How I wanted to see them nude wrestling would have been the ultimate, now of course with the internet it is easy to watch nude wrestling, both men and women.

Of course I was interested in their bulges and their bare chests both smooth and hairy. I am happy now to recognise these feelings in me but at the time I would dare not utter a word to anyone about how excited I got when watching these matches and how much satisfaction I got later on fantasising about them. I would go for my bath at night with a pair of swim trunks and stand in front of the bathroom mirror flexing what muscles I had then and practicing the moves and holds, albeit all on my own. Of course I would get an erection and masterbate in front of the mirror.

Watching the wrestling was fantastic although I would get a hard on very easily as guys that age always do when watching erotic material. Very occasionally they showed a female wrestling match which was also a fantastic turn on for me, seeing women in swimsuits wrestling was just as erotic for me as watching the men wrestle. Again without realising it at the time I was probably demonstrating bisexual tendencies even then, although I do not like to put a label on my sexual preferences. In later life I accept my liking for both men and women and I have had physical relations with both over the years, indeed I am a married man although my wife knows nothing about my same sex tendencies, although I suspect she has her suspicions, it would never ever be a topic of conversation.

Watching these wrestling matches at the same time was my twin sister, I did not know if they had any effect on her at all and I never imagined that anyone else would have the same reaction to these matches as I had. I was not particularly close to my sister but did have a sort of physical attraction being the same age etc. I had tried sort of flashing and being nearly nude around her when the opportunity arose. I would go into her bedroom at night wearing my pyjamas and sit on her bed talking to her. I would purposely ensure that my pyjama trouser opening was indeed open and that my cock could be seen, she could not fail to see it through the opening of my pyjama trousers. That would be the extent of my sexual activities with my sister, I found these

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