My Dream Cum True, in a Hotel, With Man and His Wife

by Gooseman

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, True Story, Workplace, Wife Watching, First, Voyeurism, .

Desc: True Sex Story: I am married, travel a lot, and have always fantasized about having a guy watch his wife give me a blow job.

I work in the travel industry, and am in my mid fifties, and have been married for over thirty years. I have always had a fascination with porn, and have lived vicariously through it. I travel a lot, and am in hotels around three nights a week. Via my laptop I have often had conversations in various sexual oriented chat rooms, and forums. Since being married, I have never had intercourse with anyone other than my wife. But I have always fantasized about having oral or anal sex with another woman. Basically, I look for what I don’t get at home.

I have always fantasized about a husband watching his wife suck me off. Don’t know why, but I always realized it was a pipe dream. I went to various online chat rooms, and struck up many conversations, with both men and women ... about everything. I especially liked the guys that would send me photos of their wives, whether they were good looking or not. I think it was all mental ... for me. I would especially get off when the wife was innocent looking, not the swinger or Playboy type, but average American housewife.

At any rate, I met this guy in a chat room, and we started chatting a lot. He was turned on at the thought of watching his wife with another guy, but doubted she would ever do it. He and his wife were in their early forties. We actually talked on the phone a few times, and I would convey all the things I would like to do with his wife ... while he jacked off ... me too. When he broached the subject with his wife, he was pleasantly surprised that she was not repulsed, although she was not interested. I asked if there was any incentive he could offer her, and he said he had an idea. She had always wanted to go to Hawaii, and he told her he would take her if she would do this for him. At first repulsed by the suggestion, she later relented, and said she would consider it, if everything felt right at the time. There was hope for cautious optimism. I told him I would email him when I knew I was going to be staying in his city.

Two months later I found I was going to be in town, and let him know. Turned out I would be free for about sixteen hours after my work duties. He got back to me and said they would meet me at my hotel lounge for drinks, just to see how it goes. I was extremely excited ... and nervous in anticipation. They lived about thirty minutes away, and we agreed to meet in the lounge at 9:30 PM. He also stipulated, that if anything did happen, it would be a BJ only, and his wife would remain fully clothed, and if she had any misgivings it would be a no go. I had no problem with that. I told him the worst that would happen would be them driving a half hour for a couple of free drinks, and some small talk. He laughed.

I finished up late that afternoon, had a nervous bite to eat, and showered and shaved. Cleaned up my room, just in case, and sat there anxiously trying to concentrate on whatever was on TV. Went down to the bar a bit after nine, and found the most out of the way table I could see. Then ordered a beer that I nursed along. About 9:35 they walked in, and I waived them over. He was about 5-10, stocky and balding (like me). She was about 5-3, mid forties I’m guessing, a little overweight, short dark hair and pretty face. We ordered drinks, and had a lot of small talk about the weather, the city, our backgrounds, current events etc ... After the second round of drinks, I was starting to relax. They were very nice, and we started talking about Hawaii, and I told them all about my experience in Maui, and they were all ears. I’ll refer to them as Bill and Sally.

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