The New Hood


Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Time Travel, Aliens, Incest, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Harem, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, First, Cream Pie, Size, Hairy, Body Modification, Big Breasts, Violent,

Desc: Time Travel Sex Story: I ask you what would you do if an Alien answered a question you asked out loud to nobody as you were all alone on a slow Sat. night? You will most likely question yourself, as in the trip you were about to be taking to the Doctor's to be examined as you may be in need of electrical help. I did not believe Mr. Alien as it was just too strange. I had just read John & Argent so I thought I was dreaming at first. After I finally got on-board the train this chat was real, this is what I did about it.

One week ago today the world lost Prince June 7, 1958 - April 21, 2016. A song that came out in 1984 the same years as Purple Rain the song said People got money still got problems go to the Physiatrist Still Called The Blues. I say this because rich folks are still just people in the end. Prince looked like the picture of health so sad Prince Rodgers Nelson.

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