My First MMMF

by WelshWriter

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: True Sex Story: My wife's slant on the last story

Our friend David visits us on a regular basis, once or twice a month. I really look forward to him coming as he is a great lover and a really nice guy. We had joked about how many men I thought I could take several times before, so when he suggested that he brought a friend with him next time, I jumped at the chance. He said his friend was John and sent us pictures of him in cycling gear. John was in his mid fifties and like David was married but unlike Mike and I had a stagnant sex life. Our sex life is amazing and I never have to go short, either with Mike or one of our many friends. Anyway the day of David and John's visit arrived. I was really excited and put on a fairly loose skirt, easy access, stockings and suspenders and matching bra and panties. Mike and David had worked it out earlier that it was best if he left me alone on the couch, with whoever our visitor was at the time, while he sat across the room and photographed the action. When David and John arrived Mike made coffee and I took my place on the three seater with the boys either side of me.

Before Mike had even returned to his vantage point on the two seater opposite David and John had started. David who was used to this had pushed my skirt up above my stocking tops and had unbuttoned my blouse. Soon both my nipples were exposed and being played with. One thing about David, is he's a great kisser ad soon had his tongue inside my mouth. John had my right nipple in his mouth and was sucking on it hungrily. As David French kissed me, his tongue twisting with mine, his hand was massaging my inner thigh. John's hand wasn't idle either as rubbed my pussy, which was already very wet, through my panties. It was an amazing feeling having both of them playing with my tender parts, while Mike captured it all on film. I felt John's fingers easing my panties aside and soon his fingers were teasing my bare pussy lips. David continued French kissing me whale John sucked one nipple into his mouth and David gently pinched the other. It was time for me to feel what I had in store for me and slid a hand out to each side. I knew what to expect from David, his cock is magnificent. Uncut, long and nice and thick with heavy veins down it's length. I felt wonderful when it was deep inside my pussy. From what I could feel John was nowhere near as big, but I knew I would find out for sure later. I had had two hands playing with my pussy before, but one had always been Mike', but this was different, he was sitting opposite as David's hand joined Johns and suddenly they both slid fingers into me. As yet I hadn't seen John's cock and the position we were in didn't make it easy, so Mike suggested that we move the action to the bedroom.

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