Sex Toy, Who's a Sex Toy?

by a_student

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Group Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: True Sex Story: I have two women friends who quietly compete with each other. As couples, we explore sex toys. In the quest to design a strapless double dildo we take castings of Dicks and the inside of Vaginas. It takes a lot of samples to get the design right. It takes a lot of naked teamwork to get the vagina casting right.

An 'Our Bodies, Our Selves' Series Story

My fuck-buddy Gloria shaved off all my pubes before casting my dick for her collection.

My main girl-friend Susan couldn't help but notice, but she just looked at my pube-less state and said, "Me too, Please." When Susan got a feel of my new oral technique she raised her game bringing sex toys into the fucking competition.

Gloria wanted me to help her make a strapless double dildo to use on her girlfriends. We wondered what's the inside of a vagina really like? Is a dick the best fit? Casting a cock is easy compared to casting the inside of a woman's vagina. That takes teamwork.

When I first met Gloria, I was on a love hiatus with Susan. Our long term love affair had ups and downs, but this recent down was the pits. Had we broken up or just taken a break? I didn't really know. We had parted in anger. We weren't seeing each other or even talking. It felt devastating. I missed her. Yeah, I missed the sex, that part was very good.

I mainly missed the brilliant beautiful woman who meant so much to me. Susan was very warm and loving. Our conversations were wonderful. She was every bit my intellectual equal, actually I take that back she was my intellectual superior. I say that because she could be absolutely fucking brilliant without making anyone including me feel dumb. That's pretty impressive. So, anyway, I missed Susan.

Meanwhile, though I was apart from Susan, something else very interesting was going on. My sex life wasn't dead.

Before Susan, I thought I would die as a virgin bedroom loser. Susan saved me from that ugly fate, took my virginity and trained me to be what she called, "her best lover ever." Even, now that is something to make little dickie stand up proud.

After a year and a half of not perfect but pretty damn good relationship with Susan, I was very happy. Then we had a big stupid argument and we split in a huff. I really couldn't ever solve this problem. We had argued and broken up before because her mother insisted I was too young and would never make a proper husband for her. The splits lasted from a few hours to a few days. Then we'd be back together for some great make up sex.

The time I met Gloria, Susan and I were still apart after three weeks. Oh, we had talked by phone, but there hadn't been anything near reconciliation. Susan had told me, "we shouldn't be exclusive, you should date other women." I told Susan, "I don't want to date other women. I love you. I want to be with you." Now that we had been apart for a while I was thinking her 'date other women" was letting me down easy. I feared it was really over for us.

The first few days I was in mourning, missing her, figuring I was back to loser virgin status. Then a strange thing happened. Women I knew and some I didn't started to console me. They seemed to know that I'd broken up with Susan before I did. I was surprised, women wanted to talk with me. One woman I hardly knew came by my house and took me to bed. It just seemed to happen.

Then there was Gloria. Whoa, did she get me into bed. It was glorious. (no joke) But Gloria and I would never be a boy/girl romantic relationship. She was too much the sexual omnivore and thought romance was over rated. So, no falling in love with Gloria. Still, when a gorgeous woman wants to sexually ravage your body. Who am I to say no? Let's just say it took only two days until we had fallen deeply in lust.

After three weeks of female tender mercies, I was just getting used to Susan being gone from my life. That Sunday night, Susan was at my door. She still had my key, but knocked timidly. There were tears on her face as she said, "I'm sorry."

I stepped out onto the porch taking her in my arms to say, "No. I'm sorry. I've been a fool. Please come inside."

We sat on the couch holding each other as she begged forgiveness. Our argument had been goaded by her mothers' pestering. Susan's mother had been mean mouthing me, calling me her, "hippie boy toy." Somehow she ignored that I was a smart engineer. Susan's father, uncle and grandfather were all engineers, but an engineer's not good enough for soon-to-be-in-med-school Susan. Finally she had told her mother to get off her case.

We were cautiously on again. No questions were asked by either of us about what we had been doing. Emotions were too raw. I was fairly certain she had not been celibate. I didn't want to risk talking about my sex life either.

I wasn't going to say anything, but things were bound to be weird when Susan noticed my pubic hair was gone.

There was no way to ignore it. She stroked the fuzzy stubble on my groin, then asked, "Me too, Please."

Barbering her pubic hair was exotically sensual. As I combed and scissor her pubic patch her pudenda was thoroughly teased. I could see her swelling inner labia emerge. I couldn't stop from touching her hairless bits either. Then the razor gel and the slickery feeling of a fresh blade carefully moving over sensitive flesh. I held her skin taut as the blade slid, cleaning her smooth. Applying baby oil to her bare bits had her begging for cock.

We made love tenderly, she spent the night. I had shown her a new oral technique. Her orgasm was sweet. I wasn't going to tell Susan about Gloria. It seemed too risky. But she had to know someone had added to my sexual experience.

I was worried. I lay awake next to Susan early the next morning. I loved her, the scent of her, the feel of her. All of her.

Now things were complicated. I didn't want to give up my intimate exploration of female anatomy. Specifically, Mr. Dickie didn't want to stop seeing Gloria. He was hard just thinking about her. Oh this could be bad.

About my pubeless state. How was I going to explain? It couldn't just slide forever. Susan was far too inquisitive about everything to let it slide for long.

How to explain? I tried some mental exercises at explanation.

1) "My pubes were sheared on Mr. Dickie's journey to Gloria's sport fucking trophy shelf." Oh, that couldn't go over very well.

2) "Dear, I want to share an interesting experience I had when I thought we were broken up. See Susan, here's how it happened, I met this woman, Gloria. We got intimate. Honest it was only great sex a few times. No problem right? You and I, we weren't together anymore, at least I didn't think so." OK, No problem. I'm sure you will be happy together. BYE. (oh fuck)

3) "My friend, Gloria has a hobby. She read about Cynthia PlasterCasters rock star groupie dick trolling strategy. You know the rock star groupie that makes plaster casts of guys dicks? She cast my dick. I'm famous." Yeah, that was going to work. Ha.

I might have even explained that to Susan, (not) but plaster casting turned out to be a team sport. "You see, it takes three people to make a cast. The castee that's me, the caster to make the mold and a knob polisher to keep the dick hard while the plaster sets. Gloria recruited another woman to help. Two liter pop bottle. Long enough to cover a dick. Big enough to fit round your balls. Flexy enough to press against your groin. But you have to hold the bottle. You have to mix the plaster. You have to grease the dick, make it hard and keep it hard. Somewhere in there two people wind up needing an extra hand or two. Cynthia Plaster caster had a helper suck off the castee. That would work, but..."

"While you might think a great blow job is fantastic. Gloria developed her own technique. Her cunt could beat the best blow job all to hell. Ben Wa ball training gave her such a grip. The mere sight of two naked women got most guys harder than ever. They greased my cock and balls and ass with baby oil. I got really hard. Then Gloria mounted up and pulled kegels along my dick while her naked helper du jour whipped the shit out of the plaster. Gloria was really good at holding that tantric edge, oh so close but not over the orgasmic edge. I don't think my dick was ever that hard. (wouldn't that go over well?) When the plaster was ready, Gloria hopped off my near orgasmic quivering rod."

"She slammed the pre-trimmed mold around my junk and the assistant poured in the plaster. As soon as the cup was full, the assistant would kiss Gloria, suck her tits, and stick fingers up my ass. They were so good at ass stimulation they almost made me jizz into the mold. The plaster warms as it hardens and only takes three minutes to get hard. Not long after that they can get the shrinking meat to slide right out."

"It was quite an experience." I bet Susan would get into the minutia of the process, details fascinated her. The fact that it's my dick might even slide. But for the life of me I couldn't explain the post casting cleanup and congratulatory three way fuck to my recently reconciled girlfriend.

My story to Susan could go on, "Gee Honey, it was really exciting having two women fondle and fuck my dick. I'm sure you can identify. After all You and Caroline and me, we did it too. After the cast was made the meaningless reward sex with Gloria and her helper was simply mind blowing. But think of it this way dear, They taught me a great new cunnilingus technique. Come on now Susan don't be that way, let me show you." You see how that might be hard to spin?

Gloria wasn't going for famous dicks, she was just collecting her dicks, a personal journey of discovery. Well, not every dick. She confessed that she didn't cast every cock, just the worthy conquests. Some were no account. Some just got away, she apologized for her lack of diligence. A small forest of cock casts graced her dresser top. My second night with Gloria had me destined for a place on the shelf.

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