Sue's Story of Seduction

by robertl

Caution: This True Cheating Wife Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, .

Desc: True Cheating Wife Sex Story: Thirty something, faithful wife is seduced and left wanting more.

I'm writing this for an online friend, Sue. She contacted me and asked if I'd help her write the story of her erotic experience with one of her husband's co-workers three years ago, when she was thirty five. I pieced her story together from her many e-mails. Although it's impossible to be certain, after all our e-mails back and forth, I'm totally convinced her story is 100% factual. I wrote the story in the 1st person as that's how she relayed it to me.

I met my husband, John at university where I was studying for a communication degree and he was into marketing. We were both taking a psychology unit and started studying together on Friday nights. John was serious about his studies and I thought he was a little boring. He thought I was out of his league.

John started asking me out for dinner and eventually dancing after studying. It wasn't love at first sight, or second, or third, but he was persistent and one Saturday he arrived at my parents' home where I was staying for the weekend, with chocolates for my mother and tickets to a football game for my father. They thought he was lovely. I asked him who he wanted to take out, my parents or me? I was twenty four then, living away from home and my father still flicked the porch lights off and on if he thought I was in the car too long with a guy!

The clincher for my father and me was when John invited my parents out for dinner, he picked them up in a Maserati. They didn't know it was borrowed, his boss's car.

John and I dated four years before we married. I was twenty five and he was thirty. Neither of us had very much of a sex life before we were married, I had a few boyfriends, with only one sex partner before John. He didn't have any experience with girls when we met and was a virgin the first time we made love. We were both so nervous! John was the most gentle, considerate man I had ever met. I knew he wouldn't ever hurt me, either physically or emotionally. In bed He was only concerned about making me happy, not himself. There weren't any fireworks, but I loved him for his caring for me. What he might have lacked in intercourse, he more than made up for with his mouth, his fingers and his love. It was a very, very pleasant experience! Unfortunately, over the years, like so many other couples I read about, our lovemaking has waned and has become routine and predictable.

At our wedding reception, we had a funny incident. The best man asked all the women in the room to stand up that John had asked on a date; All three bridesmaids, four of my cousins, my mother and two of John's male friends stood up. When he asked all those who had actually been on a date with John to remain standing, only the two men remained. His point – I didn't have much competition! When he asked all the men who had dated me to stand up, twenty men stood, including John's boss. John was getting a very experienced woman. I only wish!

Actually, I regret not getting more sexual experience before John and I were married. I often wondered what other men would be like. After marriage, I was exclusively John's and I thought I'd never know. The longer we've been married, the more I wondered. That is, until a resort week at the Sheraton Mirage, ten years later.

I'm a communications teacher at a College of Technical and Further Education in Sidney, Australia, teaching business writing, public speaking, meeting procedures etc. John is a sales manager selling apartment units for a housing construction company. John's company was doing very well and decided to send four managers to the Sheraton Mirage on the Gold Coast for a week's vacation as a reward for the sales unit doing so well. One of the managers, Ray, wasn't initially invited, but when one of the others had to withdraw from the trip due to an illness, Ray was invited in his place.

Ray was an up and coming manager, quite a lot younger than the rest, who thought he was much better than he actually was. John told me that Ray wasn't particularly respected at work as he was more interested in his promotions and competing with others than in working as a team member improving the company itself. In particular, he was one of John's rivals at the company, but was constantly falling short on his job performance and had resented not being rewarded with the resort trip initially.

When we arrived at the resort, the company provided John and me a very nice Mercedes sports car rental; the resort staff were all young, very attractive and attentive (especially to John); and all of our suites had a bar specially stocked with our favorite drinks. Ours had sparkling wine for me, the very best scotch for John and they were re-stocked daily. Our towels were all monogrammed with the initials of our first names. The company and the Sheraton had gone all out to assure us a fantastic week!

The first night at the resort, we were greeted with a very elegant dinner/dance. I wanted to look nice and wore a black raw silk, backless cocktail dress and black stockings. I'm 5'5", brunette, and have a very feminine figure, 34-c, 28, 34. Men always seem to notice my legs and boobs. My husband and others have told me that they think I'm very pretty (I can attest to that. Sue sent me a picture of herself and she is definitely a very beautiful lady). The cocktail dress showed off my 'assets' and John loved me wearing it. He enjoyed other men being envious of me being his wife at functions. I have always enjoyed harmless flirting with men and John enjoys watching, knowing that they have no chance.

I love sex, but never with anyone other than John since we were married. But there are times when I would like him to be more enthusiastic, more creative, more assertive, even a bit aggressive in our lovemaking. Unknown to me at the time, I would find all four at the resort, but not with John.

The other three managers knew each other well and were leaving Ray and Roslyn, his wife, out of their social circle, so I went over to where they were sitting and struck up a conversation with them. I hadn't ever met Ray before and from what John had told me, I assumed he was a cocky young man. In fact, I discovered that he and Roslyn were very pleasant and I was enjoying visiting with them very much. Ray was very good looking, about 6' tall, quite fit, several years younger than me and an excellent conversationalist. Roslyn seemed quiet and shy, but extremely attractive.

After a short time, the other two wives joined us. It's common in Australia for the wives to be in one group and the husbands in the other, but Ray stayed with our group. Shortly after, the music changed and Ray asked me to dance. I learned that he was an exceptional dancer and knows his way around the dance floor. Shortly, everyone started dancing and soon the floor became very crowded. John was dancing with the other wives, obviously enjoying himself very much.

Ray was quite charming and an excellent conversationalist as well a dancer, but it was his touch, the way he ever so gently but purposefully touched my bare back, almost searching, stroking, sliding, not rudely, but feather like, occasionally dropping a bit lower. He was whispering in my ear, his hand constantly moving and searching. His eyes held my gaze and I was almost mesmerized by him. The touching, the flattery, the whispering continued every time we danced together. He was softly spoken, complimentary, polite and very tactile. I quickly started to enjoy dancing with him. I'm a good dancer and so was he. Ray held me close and kept touching my back with his fingertips, seeming to be looking for a spot on my back somewhere. At the same time he kept whispering in my ear so that I could feel his breath on my neck and ear. Occasionally Ray would gently but firmly hold me tight up against him so that I was aware of his body. When he did this his hand would slip onto my backside so that I couldn't move away, asserting his control.

Ray told me how much he loved my dress, how it clung to my body, what a great figure I had and how he liked that I was braless (I actually needed a bra as it exposed too much of my nipples, but couldn't wear one with the dress). He was also subtly asking me about John, what he was like away from work, how long we had been married, how happy I was with him, what we did socially etc. Despite myself I was answering his questions. Then Ray found what he was looking for: my weakness. I love to be touched just above where my bum cheeks meet and I gasped when Ray stroked there, especially when his fingers slipped between my cheeks, tracing the top of my g string. I was his from then on that night, as long as he kept those exploring fingers moving on my body. The questions became more and more personal and I kept responding: about John, about me, even about our sex life. Ray was careful to hide us from the others on the crowded dance floor, but made a point a couple of times to let John see us and once slipped his hand inside my dress and teased my nipple. He kissed my neck, telling me to relax and enjoy. At the same time I was conscious of a persistent pressure on my belly. I protested to no avail. Ray was enjoying himself and making sure I was too. I wanted more and he knew it.

A few times during the night when Ray was with Roslyn, rather than dancing with me, I saw him watching me and whispering to her, who each time smiled and went back to dancing with my husband. It was obvious that something was going on between them, although I was too naïve to realize it at the time.

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