Feral Lady: Favorites

1: The Private by Random Writings
A great story. I love space marines!
2: Honkytonk Hero by Joe J
Sweet story and enjoyable characters. The author developed a clever plot.
3: Desert Dream by Crunchy
The author has a gift for storytelling.
4: Synergy by colt45
A Sweet story told well. I enjoyed to plot
5: The Rent a Man Blues by Lubrican
A sweat storyline that created believable characters for me to enjoy.
6: The Orphanage Blues by Lubrican
A story full of real emotion and feelings. The sex is good too. Yet, it is the reader's acceptance of the characters that makes this a great story.
7: After School Job by Lubrican
A very clever plot line and believable characters suck the reader into the story. As shocking as it is. A great read.
8: Bosom Buddies by Bosom Buddies
Actually both sweet and sexy
9: The Addicted Natural by blacknight99
Very clever story. It is well-thought-out and has interesting twists.
10: The Sexual Education Blues by Lubrican
I really well-written story touches on personal weaknesses.
11: 100 Days by aroslav
Ground hogs day with a twist.
12: On The High Plains by Techsan
A straight forward story about a man creating a life for himself and family in the wild west. I think it reads sort of like a journal. It is a rather plain tale.
13: Mistress Watching by Tallorder64
Great detective drama! Sex is minimumal and secondary.
14: Show Moms by Marsh Alien
Such a tender story of mother and daughter finding love.
15: The Making of a Cocksman by Lubrican
The story telling sucks you in
16: Life, Love and All That by agrodavid
Great zombie story set in Australia
17: A Pearl in the Snow (Revised) by Stultus
I enjoyed the flow of the story and great character development. It felt sexy and sweet.
18: Rough Boy by ElSol
Clever plot, deep characters
19: The Professor and the Cheerleader by Lubrican
Very clever use of a dry subject. Loved the story.
20: The True Master by Weerdo
Great mind control story
21: Flight of the Code Monkey by Kid Wigger
A creative set of ideas. This is the story I follow and wait impatiently for each chapter. You get vested in the characters and the author builds a pretty complete "world." At times their are sections which go a bit too long on details that slow the story down more than I like. But I am not one to talk to much about that, knowing how an author really wants you to see what is in their mind.
22: Lotus Flower Stew by Lubrican
Traditional background meets cultural divide