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Bondi Beach: Favorites

The Blind Date Blues by Lubrican
This is hilarious, and hot. He's written a million stories, so I'll never be able to read all of them, but the ones I've read so far are very very good.
Boathouse Revisited by Holly Rennick
Who knew baking cookies could be so arousing?
Cabo San Lucas by Holly Rennick
Very hot, very funny, especially mother's steam-of-consciousness musings, or should I say, rationalizations, on whether she should have sex with her son.
Cindi's Top Tips for Sibling Success by Holly Rennick
The sketches of brother-sister first times, especially, are very hot. Some are also very funny, a bonus.
Into the Palms by Holly Rennick
A little creepy in a couple of scenes, but the creepiness is necessary to the plot. Very hot overall, and even a little poignant.
My Mother's Lover by jackieoh
Continuation of My Mother's Son, and just as erotic and sensual.
My Mother's Son by jackieoh
Perhaps not every son feels this way about his mother, but if he did, this is the way it might have happened.
Summer Camp - Book 1: Susan by Nick Scipio
Covers every fantasy you ever had about summer camp.
Summer Camp - Book 2: Gina by Nick Scipio
You had more fantasies about summer camp? This one covers those, too.
Tom's Diary by Gina Marie Wylie
Long, but very rewarding. And hot. Gina Marie also wrote Spitfire and Messerschmitt. Sadly, she left us all hanging in that one just as the two families were leaving for what promised to be an extremely interesting weekend at the beach. Something about "a little old-fashioned wife-swapping," if I remember correctly. Sigh.
Two Nudes by Holly Rennick
Hot, funny, just plain nice. Also read anything else Holly has written.