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Holly Rennick: Stories

Thanks for visiting. Oh, but do let me slip in a couple of reviews, just to bolster my self-esteem!

For those of you haven't caught her writing, Holly Rennick is substantially different from most of the writers who post to ASSM. Her writing is thoughtful, literate and a little tongue in cheek on occasions. If you like well-drawn characters, novel plots and a slightly unusual and wry style, then give her pieces a go. Boathouse Revisited is a case in point. Read it - it's bloody good!

Or Spanish Fly, reviewed by La Luz for StoriesOnLine,

"Stroke amount: 6. This story is not sex, it is foreplay.

"Story plot: 8. Could I have done without the before and the after parts of the story? Yes and no. Foreplay is an opportunity to find out what a woman wants, what she likes, and what she needs. I left Spanish fly feeling like I wanted to get inside the author's head and look around for what they wanted, liked and needed. The plot itself is a male fantasy through her eyes.

"Technical Quality: 10. The story has a lazy rhythm, almost like the Spanish Fly is acting on your bloodstream. Possibly it's a too fanciful with it's words and witticisms but it's foreplay. Sometimes in foreplay you go down a road you shouldn't, Holly brought me back though.

"Appeal to Reviewer: 10. This story is not an easy read, and it is not for everyone. It was definitely for me... it felt like a siesta. I went to sleep clothed, woke up naked. My lover's heat and the sun through the window warmed me. I was hard and I remembered almost like a dream when my lover whispered "It's okay to just slip in if you wake up before me." That's how Spanish fly made me feel. This story is not an easy read, but I'll love any story that I can hear myself reading to a woman."

Let me know what you think -- positive, negative, or indifferent

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Coast Watch
Your vessel's in distress! To whom do you send an SOS? A soldier driving a tank? A sailor steering his battleship? A pilot flying his jet plane? Heavens no! You call a Coastguardsman.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Historical
Sex Contents: Some Sex
39 KB 2274 41 6.81

Codpiece Some attire shouldn't go out of style.
Tags: Humor
Sex Contents: Much Sex
22 KB 1169 - -

Cuckold A multidisciplinary essay. Hi there, Cindi!
Tags: Ma/Fa, Humor, Cheating, Cuckold
Sex Contents: Much Sex
29 KB 4239 21 4.68

Dune Teacher in the sand
Tags: Consensual, Masturbation
Sex Contents: Much Sex
12 KB 3183 46 6.48

Examination Table Ladies, are you suffering from anxiety, confusion, depression, edema, fainting, forgetfulness, giddiness, headaches, hyperemia, insomnia, irritability, lassitude, loss of appetite, muscle spasms, nervousness, palpitations of the heart, heaviness in the abdomen, paralytic states, shortness of breath, stomach upsets, tendency to cause trouble for others, ticklishness, weepiness, writing cramps, indifference to marital duty, lustful yearnings or excessive vaginal lubrication?
Tags: Ma/Fa, Historical, Humor, Doctor/Nurse
Sex Contents: Much Sex
Posted: Concluded:
35 KB 3759 70 7.08

"Them fuckers in the Services get all the credit for winnin' the goddamn war. But who got their asses shot out of the water to get them their shit, for chrissake? Us fuckers in the Merchant Marine. Goddamn sub-bait." - Cookie Rorke
"If you don't like romance, Cookie says go fuck yourself." - Holly Rennick, Merchant Marine Cadet
It's hard to explain when you don't speak her language, but then it would be hard for a guy like Cookie to explain even if he did.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual
Sex Contents: Some Sex
Posted: / (Review)
58 KB 4217 131 8.03

The Man on Page 602
She writes. She plays an instrument. She sings. She dances. (If you really must know, her bedtime talents are more than adequate as well.) So what's left? Finding a reason.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic
Sex Contents: Some Sex
44 KB 1539 - -

Riding The El Capitan "Pardon me, boy, is that the Chattanooga choo-choo?" "No ma'am. It's the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe El Capitan." All aboard!
Tags: Historical, Humor, Voyeurism
Sex Contents: Much Sex
18 KB 1724 49 6.78

Rosie the Riveter Interested in the history of welding? If not, how about? "Ooooh! Oooooooh!" as the leading man drives his living steel shaft deeper and deeper within me. "Oui, mon amour! Ohhh!" Or, "How to flux his hot-rolled cylinder and get riveted."
Tags: Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Humor
Sex Contents: Much Sex
35 KB 1467 19 7.60

Scandinavian Birth Control Immigration not counted, Scandinavian population growth is lagging. Why?
Tags: Fa/Fa, Lesbian, Masturbation
Sex Contents: Much Sex
32 KB 1493 18 6.52