Emeraldas: Favorites

1: Aftermath by Al Steiner
One of the first stories I read here on Storiesonline. A great apocalyptic story.
2: Lady Guinevere by Dark Vision
A great story about growing up and having fun. Follow Jenny as she learns about life, love and sex.
3: Lucky Stiff by JiMC
The sequel to Lucky Tickets. The continuing adventures of Jim, Kristen and their friends where we learn more about those mysterious tickets...
4: Lucky Tickets by JiMC
Jim finds some magic tickets that can make another person do anything he wishes. So he goes power-mad and gets anything or any girl he wants, right? Wrong. A story of mind control that has a hero with a conscience. A refreshing twist! This is an excellent story. It is well written, with a strong plot and great characters you get attached to.
5: Princes of Mannsborough by Vulgar Argot
This one starts off like a blackmail story but quickly becomes much, much bigger. Action packed and full of intrigue, Princes of Mannsborough is a must! You haven't read it? What are you waiting for?
6: Sea King by colt45
Not that much sex, but a great read regardless, especially if you like pirates.
7: The Secrets of Kings by Vulgar Argot
The sequel to the Princes of Mannsborough. This one is even better! Thule now has his own security agency and must save one of his closest friend from slave traders. It doesn't sound too good when said like that, but trust me, its even better than the first!
8: Summer Camp - Book 1: Susan by Nick Scipio
Be warned! If you start reading this long story, you will not stop until you finish it and its sequels!
9: Summer Camp - Book 2: Gina by Nick Scipio
See Summer Camp- Book 1: Susan
10: Summer Camp - Book 3: Kendall by Nick Scipio
Ah Kendall! See Summer Camp - Book 1: Susan and Book 2: Gina.
11: Tired of Being the Nice Guy by MWTB
A great story about how a man's life gets turned around when he decides to stop 'being a nice guy' and think of himself first for a change.