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Tomorrow is another Day

June 1, 2016
Posted at 4:24 pm

With a prologue and Chapter 1, I've started submitting Tomorrow is another Day, the first story of a universe of the same name. It is do-over/time travel, science fiction (or at least technothriller), historical, and autobiographical.

This is the story of an alternate Cuban Missile Crisis. With Russian cooperation and declassification, we've learned a great deal about the reality, which was much, much worse than we realized at the time, even in classified circles. I can argue that we might be living in an alternate reality where the world didn't go to global thermonuclear war. We came incredibly close.

The story addresses many of the what-ifs that could have led to explosion. Since I'm here writing it, to borrow that wonderful dialogue at the end of The Andromeda Strain,

"I take it that the bomb didn't?"
"The bomb didn't".

My character comes back courtesy of the Alien Space Bats, occasionally represented by the distinguished orange hypercat, James Bong. He has fairly complete knowledge of the Crisis, although some of his memories come back during the progress of the story. He develops a clan, or household, of people to help him move things in the right direction, bonded formally with a clan oath that I am honored to borrow from Honor Harrington.

Their bonding is also reinforced by sexual magick, some drawn from Alasteir Crowley in his benign moments. Let's see...a basic premise was that since we get fucked by politicians, it seemed only fair to use happy fucking to unfuck what they had fucked up. :-) He has, and can share, some telempathic abilities, as well as the ability to geas against disclosure.

As mentioned, I've lived the period and been fascinated. I was about 14 at the time, but with a pretty deep knowledge of warfare. Most of my career was spent in the Washington DC area, which is where I set this. Outside the apartments, which still are a real place (the Berkshire on Mass Avenue), the locales are generally as accurate as I can make them.

Since I drew from Crowley, his sexual magick includes the power of "elixir". That probably means that if you are squicked by snowballing and creampies, pick another story. There is, at least yet, no explicit m-m sex, but the characters do not preclude it, in a principally het context. I identify as het, but I went through some real experiences where lovely ladies said "you like watching me with women. Shouldn't you return the favor at my request?" In my own experience, I then did have m-m contact, but only with ladies present and participating, and had a damn fine time of it.

I am having fun with this, and going back and forth fine-tuning both the history and the actions. It's at 13 chapters and growing, with individual chapters splitting and spawning due to size. I'd welcome readers, especially those who accept they are looking at a work in progress.