LughIldanach: Profile

Author and new reviewer, also available for editing. My writing at SOL often is a way for me to explore my own thoughts and what-ifs. I've had some wild erotic experiences in reality, to say nothing of fantasy.

Professional backgrounds in network engineering, medicine, military/intelligence. Author of several nonfiction books but fairly new to fiction. My first fiction writing was military science fiction. Much of my pure erotica is based on experience in the seventies and eighties, without being dogmatic about it. Having worked both in medical and military networks, as well as core communications, I tell people I'm an expert in life-critical and death-critical networks.

While I've published several engineering books, the Swarm is my first serious attempt at fiction. There's a delicate balance of keeping story and series balance with being realistic -- I tend to think that many real-world sensors and weapons might just be superior to what was being thrown at the Swarm.

Can't say that I feel Senior, but I was born in 1948. My characters tend to be modeled on real people I know. There are relatively few sexual things I haven't done. and I hope that also comes across.

My pen name is that of the Celtic deity of knowledge, and more. Lugh -- Ildanach is a suffix meaning "Prince of Knowledge" -- impressed the High King of Ireland, at Tara, not that just he was a master of one profession, but a master of all. I'm not, but it doesn't mean I won't stop trying.

To me, "slut" isn't applicable to women alone, and isn't at all derogatory. (See the book, The Ethical Slut. I'm het, but have had all sorts of relationships with friends that identified more as lesbian. Pedophobic; I'd rather be waterboarded than deal with toddlers. Other than the usual camp and such experimenting, I've never sought out MM, but I've had some interesting experiences, more in swinging, where women have said "hey, if FF turns you on, should I be able to ask the same of you?"

As I've suggested, kids squick me, unless they have four legs -- and I still wouldn't be interested in incest.

Have had experience in the fetish and BDSM world, and found that my real interest is on the fetish side. Up to a point, I can dom when friends want that, but I do get squicked by inflicting heavy pain. Sadly lost a couple of painslut girlfriends. I can, however, edit and comment on BDSM technique, and have been a dungeon safety monitor. Fetish play can really excite me, if it's done within my imagery. Heels are a big turn-on when worn, but otherwise, they're just shoes.

I've been comfortable with a het male identity, but don't regard that as limiting. Not knowing where you're going with this, but, especially since I have no desire to have children, I am quite comfortable with a trans woman as a playmate. I've also had unusual situations where I've had a lesbian-identified close friends, who sometimes would choose to be sexual in some way with me.

In a partner, emotional fidelity is important, but otherwise, I regard genitalia as a renewable resource. Between swinging and some playing with strippers in the back room, I definitely found snowballing and sloppy seconds to be sexy. This isn't, I'm pretty sure, latent homosexuality. It's more something that shows up in some ritual magick (e.g., Crowley, who otherwise is pretty silly). It attracts me to women who demonstrably want sex, which, in turn, helps me out of some guilt that I had hoped to leave behind when I left Jewish culture. I see you have a stripper theme in this chapter and I want to see where that goes -- I've known strippers and sex workers that I variously loved or could love.

There was a time, in early seventies swinging, where a couple of fantastic women said "hey, you enjoy watching us with women. We'd like to see you with men." Did that a time or two, very privately, because it was disapproved of at swinging parties. I wouldn't have sought out men, but, in a mixed group, it was a lot of fun.