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More on the Veneries (spoiler on motivations but not details)

April 18, 2017
Posted at 7:26 am

At least I'm enjoying writing them. I've got to look at the announcement for Book 2, which has had very few downloads although decent scores from those who do download.

spoiler (Book 3 and beyond) [underlying theme, not specific giveaway]

I'm trying to figure out how best to introduce one background theme of the series. While the cats in the stories aren't the David Weber/Honorverse treecats, various interactions between feline and human are turning them, at least, into telempathic facilitators for the humans. Right now, I'm working with the humans having more and more thoughts that the cats are more than the average house feline. I attribute this to some of the self-awareness trainings, drawing from Jungian archetypes and shamanism, that many of the main characters use.

Welcome to the Veneries

March 8, 2017
Posted at 2:41 pm

"Venery" is a generic term for collections of animals, such as a parliament of owls or a murder of crows. Appropriately enough, it's also an archaic term for sexual activities. The first story in the Veneries universe is A Parliament of Owls

The next venery in this universe will be A Troop of Baboons. It is a common error to think that the venery term for baboons is a Congress. Since baboons usually accomplish things when grouped together under their usual discipline, "Congress" clearly is inappropriate even when the story involves U.S. Senators & Representatives.

Welcome to a world of politics and sex that I spent a few decades learning.

IDIC and Maslow

October 14, 2016
Posted at 8:37 pm

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, a Vulcan belief, meets the Hierarchy of Needs of Abraham Maslow. That's a new universe of mine, which draws from James Bond, not to say that you only live twice, but you come of age twice:

Once as a youth
Once as an adult defining where you want to go, in this case, polyamorously.

Characters are drawn from my own experience, and I hope are more real, complex, and yes, sexy, than in other tales.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson

August 5, 2016
Posted at 2:54 pm

John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson were never close as Senators. Kennedy was a child of privilege, while Johnson came from humble roots. Something they both shared was hypersexuality.

Both, however, did have a vision for a better United States. One of the things explored in this do-over is "what if they had been a more effective team?"

Do-over, what-if, and the Vietnam War

July 19, 2016
Posted at 4:46 pm
Updated: July 19, 2016 - 4:46 pm

Obviously, the characters in "Ask Not What..." are do-overs on their experience of high school. The story, however, is beginning to go into what I consider interesting historical divergence.

Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara was a brilliant man, but in the wrong role. In our timeline, he subsequently regretted many of his decisions that led to suffering and death in the Second Indochina War (i.e., Vietnam War, or what the Vietnamese call the American War). What if his talents were redirected, putting a square peg in a square hole? What if his deputy, Ross Gilpatric, perhaps the only senior official to whom both the top generals and the White House listened during the Cuban Missile Crisis, became the round peg in the round Secretary of Defense hole?

Major historical trends, however, do not preclude the extremely pleasant insertion of other pegs in other sorts of holes. It is a turnon to be told that you're having excellent sex with someone that just had it with the President.