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Wounded Warriors and Sensual Gynecologists

May 30, 2016
Posted at 4:24 pm

Chapters 10 and 11 of Wounded Warriors of the Sexual Revolution are up, with mixtures of my odd real experiences, actual medicine, odd corners and unproven medicine, and a bit of fun. Most women that I know dread pelvic exams at the gynecologist. My ex-wife #1 introduced #2 to the same gynecologist, who took remarkably good care of them, including working hard to make the exam less unpleasant.

She started with knitting socks for the stirrups on the exam table, and using a warming cabinet for instruments. With informed consent from the patient, she'd also use the exam as a learning experience for partners. She had me observe as she talked her way through the procedure, and eventually, after making sure it was absolutely OK with my wife, tutored me in doing a basic exam. This actually turned out to be very useful when she fell ill with a mystery womanly problem later on.

Before, however, I could begin my first exam, M., the physician, said "Geese and ganders. Good stuff." She handed a rubber glove and a tube of lubricant to my beloved, and told me to bend over the table. She then instructed my wife in a basic male rectal exam. Actually, that was also informative, and turned out to be the start of some pleasant play -- but the point being made is both of us needed to understand both sides of a mildly invasive medical procedure. Later, I was to assist on some emergency wound care in her office, which was a lot nastier.

Hopefully, I've turned the experience into something both educational and fun here. The "Alice" character is based on one of my favorite actresses, whom some might guess but I don't quite consider this fan fiction.

The next chapter will take the gynecology into very nontraditional ways, in an environment that allows careful, monitored, ethical, sexual contact between physicians and patients.

The other main plot going on is using shamanism, sexual magick, and some real but experimental techniques to bring someone out of coma.