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Sounding board for alt hist -- Cuban Missile Crisis period

May 25, 2016
Posted at 11:52 am

I'm challenging myself with a do-over story in which the protagonist, and a very limited number of characters in the world of return, have knowledge of future history. There are also differences in the worlds, in that the new one is more sexualized -- a registered courtesan is honored.

Traditional editing is less my concern than sounding out plot. I have a rather detailed knowledge of the military and intelligence aspects of the period, and I need to know when I'm going into the incomprehensible. When the protagonist chooses to intervene, rather than observe, I need that to be plausible.

As with many of my stories, I use this to explore some personal issues. My ex and I both had guilt issues, but mine were Jewish culture while hers was Catholic. In my case, that meant the equivalent of getting a notarized consent before touching a female. I want to look at relaxing in the alternate past, reading signals appropriately. This also makes me appreciate strongly sexual women. While I identify as het, I will consider snowballing, and sometimes bi scenes where the woman clearly wants it, as having limited m-m contact.