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Some gender fluidity

November 18, 2015
Posted at 11:21 pm

I wonder if there would be interest in a certain amount of stories dealing with what I'll call mild gender fluidity. Sexuality researchers refer to "facultative homosexuality" for people who experiment in single-gender environments. That's not my primary thrust here.

No, I'm thinking of swinging, especially from the seventies, where the men were scared of even incidental MM. I remember a time, however, where I definitely enjoyed watching some FF play, after which a very bi woman came up to me. "I see you like us playing. Don't you think that we might like to see some men doing the same to entertain us, with no guilt?

Given that she had the biggest natural and shapely bust I'd ever seen, and that she was generally attactive, I listened to her ideas. Eventually, while she and I were making it in a bedroom of the orgy house, the guy who owned the house came in an and suggested I kiss him--and that soon became clear it meant going down on him. The idea clearly excited my female partner, who was eager to please me any way that I wanted, as long as she could get an intimate look at what the men did.

Is this are, both true and do-over, something of interest?