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Need help balancing the academic and erotic

September 3, 2015
Posted at 9:10 pm

Working on finishing the dormant "Wounded Warriors of the Sexual Revolution" story, and would like to find someone to read and comment on a particular challenge. I've had a character that, loosely, has been comatose, perhaps due to explorations of magick as an anthropologist.

There is some evidence that he may be in a nonordinary state of consciousness, such as a shamanic trance. Some academic anthropologists are proposing to try some of their work on such trances on him.

It's perfectly consistent with the plot for the visiting scientist to explain some of the theory -- inbetween sexual encounters. The treatment will draw, among other things, from South Asian tantric sexual magick.

I need people that have some knowledge of shamanism and the like, as well as storytelling, to suggest if I need more or less explanation, and some help in getting the chapter to flow.