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Melissa's Secrets - Chapter 56 & 57 Posted

September 20, 2014
Posted at 11:38 am

"Chapter 56 - Home Alone" and "Chapter 57 - Couples Night" have been posted.

These chapters cover the entire day of Monday, August 7. A lot goes on in both chapters. There is a potential "squick" where a male character is describing his bisexuality and certain experiences. While male bisexuality isn't new to the story, actual descriptions of sex between males is new.

There will be more of this in the future, so consider this fair warning for those who do not care to read that type of thing.

I also reposted a few other chapters:

Prologue - Continuity error fixed regarding when Melissa rejoined the cheer squad.

Cover - Reminder that some codes only apply briefly or aren't included to avoid spoilers. Also, bisexual applies to both males and females.

Cast of Characters - City name change from Salem to Albany. I've been attempting to stay away from real city/town names, and I goofed with the city name of the primary setting of the story! Ugh! There really is a tiny town in South Carolina named Salem.

Chapter 42 - Minor continuity fix involving Bradley's bisexuality and a typo.

Chapter 46 - Minor continuity fix involving when Jamie first met the Formons.

Chapter 54 - Additional narrative and dialogue added. I just wasn't happy with certain sections.

Chapter 55 - Same issue as in chapter 54.

When will chapter 58 be posted? Fuck if I know. Hopefully a lot sooner than the most recent. I do have time to write, but as the story moves along, there is a whole lot more continuity checking going on. That takes time. Remember, I hadn't originally planned to write this part of the story years back. While I did my best to avoid problems, a few small ones have popped up recently, such as the ones I've fixed with my reposts.

Also, I am an amateur writer. This is purely a hobby for me. I have no plans at all to go pro. When this becomes a "job", I'll just as quickly "retire". I do this purely for the fun of it. My kids and husband will always take priority when it comes to my time.

When I have a good idea of a date for the next chapter, I'll post it to my blog. It seems to frustrate everyone (including myself) when I post it's "coming soon" and "soon" quickly passes by.

I know I owe a bunch of people an email reply. I haven't forgotten you. And I do read your emails. They're very helpful in my understanding what you're getting out of each chapter. I VERY much appreciate them.

Again, I so very much appreciate all the hours my editor, Nick, puts into making this story such a pleasure for me to write. And I do mean hours. As in hours and hours. As far as I'm concerned, Nick is a pro.

At the moment, "Book 1" will run a total of seventy-seven chapters plus an epilogue. That is if I don't split anymore chapters like I've done recently. So count on more chapters than that.

Autumn is right around the corner. I hope everyone has enjoyed the summer, or vice versa if you live down under!

Stay well and have a fun weekend!