Pookie: Profile

My stories focus on various topics. I have written several long stories involving incest. But I don't consider myself primarily an incest writer. I enjoy writing about people that enjoy being adventurous.

I try to make my stories seem as realistic as possible. There are some real life events in my stories, but you will have to guess what they are. However, most of what I write is pure fiction.

I'm a strong believer in developing a plot with characters readers can identify with. I try to make my characters as real as possible by displaying realistic feelings and reactions.

Thanks to all who have given me constructive feedback on all my stories. For those reading my stories for the first time, I hope you enjoy them.


NOTE TO READERS: If you do not have the Access Level on the Preferences page of "My Account" set to "Full Access", you won't see all of my stories, specifically "Melissa's Secrets". You can change the setting at this link ... http://storiesonline.net/user/choose_access_level.php?page=my_preferences.php