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"I left my heart, and her vibrator, in San Francisco

August 5, 2014
Posted at 7:18 pm

Finally, I got through a nearly total rewrite, with considerable improvement, I hope. The voting wasn't zeroed out, which I might have preferred. In future, I'm not going to enable voting on articles unless they're at least 2/3 done.

There is much truth to this story. My honeymoon with my 2nd (ex)wife indeed did include vibrators being left in the hotel room (yes, it was the Sheraton Fishermen's Wharf), such that when we returned, the turndown service had lined them up neatly by size and put a chocolate on each.

All of our intimate friends,and quite a few of the more casual ones, are based on real people and events. I didn't feel it was quite right to call it a do-over story, but there is some of that. In fact, while she hasn't read the full story, I've been discussing this with my ex. We agree that given our relationship and our desires, we didn't do certain things that if we had done them, we might still be married.

Individually, including with therapists, and with each other, we've been talking about some of the fallout from the Jewish guilt on my side and the Catholic guilt on hers. In not just this story alone, I do explore the dynamics. My hope is that it's entertaining, but also may teach some lessons.

There's a lot of talk and play about snowballing, and yes, the guys don't freak out about it. Just a little BDSM, of an affectionate sort. In the real-world, I've had some lovely women, who were also pain sluts, ask for more pain than I was willing to give. I learned my limits, but wish I had been able to work out compromises.

There's some talk of golden showers, but it's mostly thinking about it. I'll probably do that in a standalone story.