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Puzzled, not daunted

June 13, 2014
Posted at 5:21 pm

Article stats are interesting, but not definitive. Still, I'd rather have good than bad ones.

What does puzzle me is why a story gets all 8-10, except a couple of 1's. Some authors suggest this is due to a reader not liking the subject matter. Should the codes be more extensive? Should every story have a prologue that isn't limited to 500 characters?

I can understand why one story, which doesn't have explicit sex, is written as humor, and is absolutely true other than changing names, has fairly low ratings -- but the ratings are reasonably distributed across the range. I can understand why a long story, written while I was learning SOL formats or a cooperative universe, has problems. Again, the scores are spread.

Is it best to turn off voting until the story is complete? That might help with people that hate the concept in the first chapter.