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Wounded Warriors of the Sexual Revolution

June 5, 2014
Posted at 2:08 pm

"True" has some different usages here. Some of the disabilities are drawn from real people. Perhaps more to the point, the text in the "Notices" at the beginning of chapters is as accurate nonfiction as I can make it. Sexual rehabilitation medicine has been important to people close to me, or, perhaps more to the point, the lack of it has destroyed relationships.

I'm interested and pleased with the patterns of readers with this story, which logically follows "Green Berets" and "An Anthropologist Comes of Age". As I gain experience, there is more and more information available to authors in the statistics. In particular, I try to have a new chapter up as roughly 30% of original readers have read the previous chapter. That, I hope, gives me a sense of the rate at which people read it, and perhaps the level of interest.

The scores have been a little puzzling, as with a 1 after nothing but multiple 8's and 9's, and one 10. If, however, I really worried about the scores, and thought I understood the algorithm without seeing the code, I'd be crazier than I am.

I haven't yet figured out when scores start to display on the general story list, as opposed to the author alone. One guess is that there must be at least 1000 downloads.