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An Anthropologist Comes of Age in Washington

May 1, 2014
Posted at 4:37 pm

Let me be very clear. This story carries an incest warning, but no physical incest takes place in the published chapters. If it happens, it would be between an adult mother and adult son, after reflection, consultation, and much thought.

I honestly don't know how it will resolve, so I want feedback. The mother is modeled on a real person, with whom I had an interesting discussion of how her then-teenage sons might be initiated. She is a serious writer on sex, and also was, at the time, a sex worker. I have no special preference on how it resolves, other than I want a happy ending. Incest doesn't especially turn me on, but it is something to explore with these particular characters. The series is going to have quite a bit of character reflections on growing up.

I have been at orgies where I glanced over to see a couple of participants playing chess, and with that bunch, it seemed a reasonable break from fucking. Even my wall-to-wall sex stories will have an intellectual component.