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Melissa's Secrets - Chapter 53 Posted

April 12, 2014
Posted at 10:21 am

"Chapter 53 - The Old Munson House" has been posted. This is a very long chapter, my longest to date. However, it does cover the rest of the day.

Quite a bit goes on in this chapter. Melissa learns quite a bit about her mother's parents that she never knew, as well as some new things about her mother's youth.

There are some very key moments in this chapter. A few of them are very subtle. I wonder if you'll pick up on them.

I also reposted a few other chapters:

Chapter 30 - the word "heroin" was misspelled.
Chapter 47 - additional dialogue added between Melissa and Sarah to deal with a continuity issue. Several typos were also fixed.
Chapter 50 - a typo was fixed.
Chapter 51 - fixed several grammatical issues.
Chapter 52 - additional dialogue added between Melissa and Maggie before leaving for Long Cane. Several slight wording changes also.

Have a fun weekend!