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When to update chapters?

March 19, 2014
Posted at 10:48 am

I'm thoroughly enjoying writing Green Berets and thinking of sequels. It's a break from "Few", my first Swarm Cycle story, which I'll pick up again soon.

There are going to be things I just don't see until a chapter is posted. When I misplaced a markup command and put half the story in italics, there was no question about putting up a corrected chapter.

But what about continuity errors, or when I look at something that isn't quite clear? At one point, a character gets keys for a door that is later opened with an electronic key card. I'm not worried about that.

At the start of Chapter 11, Gerri's act starts, and then Carol is suggesting to Curt that he might not be used to the club schedule and there was no dishonor in taking a nap. Now, I knew that the rest of the delicious Gerri's act wasn't described because an exhausted Curt fell asleep. The characters knew.

I'm not sure if the reader would infer this. Is it important enough to go back and change this, or other passages where my self-criticism says "this isn't clear?" Would it create more confusion for those readers who read the earlier version?