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Melissa's Secrets - Chapter 49 Posted

November 1, 2013
Posted at 1:31 pm

Chapter 49 - Doing It Right The Second Time - has been posted. Also, I have reposted the following chapters:

Chapter 48 - Resistance Is Futile
Chapter 6 - A Day of Discoveries

The changes in chapter 48 were only a few grammatical issues. However, the major change in chapter 6 dealt with a continuity issue. Back when I originally wrote this chapter there was a reference to Penny coming home early because a cheer practice had been canceled. While it didn't explicitly say Penny was a cheerleader, that was my intent oh so many years ago. Of course, I didn't go that direction. And, after my extended (i.e. 6 year) break, I never went back and dealt with it. Amazingly, no readers ever picked up on it! The change involved having Penny coming home early because Mandy Shaw's cheer practice was canceled.

As for the status of chapter 50, I've split it into two chapters because of the length. So, chapter 50 & 51 make up the original.

Chapter 50 is all but finished. Mel spends some time at the Rayners before going out on the group date.

I won't post chapter 50 until I've completed chapter 51. It shouldn't take long to finish.

Enjoy your weekend!