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Melissa's Secrets - Chapter 47 Posted

September 6, 2013
Posted at 11:57 am

"Chapter 47 - Best Friends Share Everything" - has been posted. I hope everyone enjoys it. A lot more revelations in this one, as well as more questions needing answers.

"Chapter 48 - Resistance Is Futile & Doing It Right The Second Time" will be posted most likely on Sept 28. It's a very important chapter, as well as being a very large one at the moment. However, there is the possibility that I may split this chapter. If I do, "Chapter 48 - Resistance Is Futile" likely will be posted a week earlier with a new "Chapter 49 - Doing It Right The Second Time" to follow it.

I hope everyone had a fun summer. It was good to have some time to relax and reflect on the story and its future.

Have a fun weekend!