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Melissa’s Secrets - Something From The Cutting Room Floor

July 12, 2013
Posted at 5:17 pm

I've been thinking about some possible things I could share with everyone while on my hiatus. I figured that I could share some extras and behind the scenes stuff regarding "Melissa's Secrets". The first thing I've decided to share is a part of a scene from a recent chapter that didn't make it into the final version before it was posted. This actually happens more often than you might think. For those who recall, I did go back and add a deleted scene as a separate "extra" chapter (what is now "Chapter 25 - Mothers on the Phone").

Usually a part of a scene is cut because it is either overkill, serves no useful purpose, or a distraction to the intent behind the scene. One instance occurred early in Chapter 43 during the talk involving Mel, her mom, Mrs. Walcott, and Mrs. Preston. Below is the deleted part. The first two sentences are in Chapter 43, along with the very last sentence.

"She is precious when she blushes," Mrs. Preston added. "I'm glad we are still on good terms then, Melissa."

I gave her my sweetest smile.

"So, what is everyone up to this coming weekend?" Mrs. Walcott asked.

Mrs. Preston replied, "We're leaving tomorrow to spend the weekend with Carl's parents."

"Will Jennifer be back in time Mrs. Thomas's party on Sunday?" I anxiously asked.

"We'll be back late Sunday morning. My parents are coming by one day next week on their return from their vacation."

The mention of Jennifer seeing her father's parents suddenly reminded me I had never laid eyes on my own father's parents. I really hadn't thought about them for some time. Mom's parents had always been 'my grandparents'.

"Do you guys see Mr. Preston's parents a lot?" I asked.

I noticed Mom cutting her eyes at me for just a brief moment. I suddenly wondered if I had said the wrong thing.

"We get to visit with them about as much as my parents. I think Jennifer and Derek rather enjoy having their grandparents almost competing with each other for their grandkids' attention," she said, chuckling.

Mom cut her eyes at me for just a brief moment again. I then figured she was curious how I was reacting. Neither she nor Daddy had talked about my other set of grandparents. Were they some kind of outlaws or something? I didn't even know if they were alive! The last I had seen of anyone from Daddy's side of the family was when his brother and his wife last visited with their son when I was ten. That was the time my cousin and I had fooled around some. I couldn't remember us ever visiting them though.

Daddy's whole side of the family was a real mystery to me. It was about time I fixed that, but now clearly wasn't the time. But I couldn't resist throwing out a reminder to Mom about my absent set of grandparents.

"It's cool Jennifer has all those grandparents."

Mrs. Walcott glanced uncomfortably at Mom.

"From what I hear," Mrs. Preston said, "your grandparents just adore you. I think you're just as lucky as Jennifer."

"You're very lucky, Mel," Mom concurred. "Both your grandparents think you're God's special gift to them. I think they would both jump over the moon for you."

I blushed again. I felt really rotten though for not spending any time with them this summer. I was determined to more than make up for it this coming weekend.

Mrs. Walcott then blurted out, "Tell Andrea and Mel about the time Carl was early to a visit with his parents a few years ago."

"You two are gonna love this story," Mrs. Preston began. "Carl had been at one of the offices for the business he works at for several days. The drive took him through the town he is originally from. His parents still live there. The morning of the day he was to leave, he called his mother and talked with her. He discovered his father had left with a friend to go fishing over the weekend. He offered to stop by around three that afternoon to visit with her for a few hours.

"As it turned out, he was finished earlier than expected and would arrive at his parents a few hours earlier. He decided to just surprise her and take her out to eat if she hadn't had lunch already. When he arrived, no one was home, but his mother's car was in the driveway. He was sure she likely was visiting with her neighbor next door. They had been good friends for many years.

"Having been over at the house practically every day as a kid, he was used to going to the backdoor and knocking. Their family room was at the back of the house, and was where he expected they would be. When he reached the door, he glanced into the room through the door's window. The curtain covering the window did little to block the view of the whole family room.

"What he saw stunned him. Inside he saw his mother and her friend naked on the couch. He didn't have to worry about their noticing him as their faces were buried in each other's pussy."

"Oh wow!" I exclaimed.

"My thoughts exactly," Mom said, grinning at me.

"From what Carl told me, neither lady showed any hesitation with what they were doing. They changed positions a few times. His mother sat on his neighbor's face and wiggled her hips as her friend at her pussy. They alternated that position, but his mom's friend also used one of several vibrators and dildoes lying around to fuck her with it while his mom went to town licking her."

I asked, "Your husband didn't get caught watching all that going on?"

"He was careful. The curtains gave him some cover."

"I suppose he didn't know his mother was into women before then." I said.

"He never suspected his mother was into anything like that. He still doesn't know if his father is aware of it."

"So his mother doesn't know Carl is aware of her being bisexual?" Mom asked.

"If she does, she's never let on."

Then Mom surprised me. "Did he jerk off while watching his mom and neighbor?"

"He admitted he unzipped and played with it some. He was afraid of cumming on the backdoor or patio though. He knew his mother would leave out the backdoor as well. Either of the ladies could've easily noticed it."

"That is so awesome," I excitedly said.

"I figured you'd get a kick out of that," Mrs. Preston replied, laughing, which got us all laughing.

"How long did he watch?" Mom asked.

"He thinks it was about thirty minutes. He left when he figured he was taking a huge risk being behind the neighbors' house for so long with his car in his parents' driveway. So he left and drove to a coffee shop to kill some time before he went back at about the time he would be expected. His mother was home when he returned, and looked just like she normally did during the day. When he hugged and kissed her, he didn't detect any scents of his neighbor's pussy either. So, anytime we go to his parents' house, we make a joke about knowing where to find his mother if she isn't home."

Mom then mentioned, "I'm taking Mel to my parents Saturday and coming back Sunday." She quickly looked at me, and added, "In plenty of time for the party."

I smiled.

"I bet you'll miss Peter," Mrs. Walcott said. "But at least you'll be able to celebrate your one week anniversary tomorrow."

"Any plans with Peter for tomorrow?" Mrs. Preston asked.

"We're gonna hang out late tomorrow afternoon. We'll probably see a movie or something."

"I'm betting on 'or something'," she teased.

Mom then told both of them about the picture I gave Peter as his birthday present. Mom even surprised me when she retrieved a small print from her pocketbook.

"When did you get that?" I asked her.

"Lori Taylor dropped by yesterday afternoon and left some additional prints for you. I forgot to mention it this morning. They're in my bedroom, so remind me when we get home."

"She didn't charge you for them?"

She shook her head. "She said they were too lovely to only have a few prints of. Andy insisted on making additional copies. Lori said Andy was very taken by how easily you posed so beautifully in such a rushed situation."

I was totally surprised. I was sure Mr. Taylor had photographed many beautiful girls and women. I was certainly flattered he and his wife would go out of their way for me like that. Peter and Pam obviously weren't at the house yet when Mrs. Taylor was there. Peter would have told me about it.

"Anna was with her. She hated that she missed you."

I was seriously thinking of calling her when I got home. I so needed to talk to that chica. I wasn't sure if she would reveal anything to me, but I had to at least try. She was the one person my age I knew of that probably could tell me about some of the others involved with my parents.

The ladies gushed over my picture for what seemed like an eternity. I didn't mind though. Here were three grown women drooling over a picture of me ... with my clothes on even. It was a pleasant change for once.

As their praises began dying down,

I asked, "Aren't you guys ever afraid that people will find out that you're swingers, and do sex stuff with underage kids as well?"

While I liked what was going on in the above scene, Nick and I agreed that it was just out of place - a distraction - to what I was attempting to accomplish. In a different time and place in the story, it could've worked well. Unlike with chapter 25, though, this scene doesn't fit well with any of the remaining chapters, and likely would need a lot of revision to be included. So, instead of it getting buried for eternity in an obscure folder on my hard drive, I decided to share it with everyone here.

I hope everyone is having a fun summer!