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Chapter 47 - Melissa's Secrets - Delayed a week at least

June 14, 2013
Posted at 10:43 am

The posting of Chapter 47 will be delayed until sometime between June 22-29. I'm hoping it will be closer to the 22nd, but it's not looking promising at the moment. It's summertime and the amount of time I've had for writing lately has shrunk, especially with school out.

Below are some tentative titles for upcoming chapters. I'll be curious if some of you can figure out what those titles may be portending.

Chapter 47 - Best Friends Share Everything - Friday, August 4
Chapter 48 - Resistance Is Futile - Friday, August 4
Chapter 49 - The Back Row, The Back Seat, And The Back Door - Friday, August 4
Chapter 50 - Getting There Is Half the Fun - Saturday, August 5
Chapter 51 - The Other Box of Books - Sunday, August 6
Chapter 52 - Home Alone - Monday, August 7
Chapter 53 - Take Your Daughter to Work Day - Tuesday, August 8
Chapter 54 - Cheap Sunglasses - Wednesday, August 9

Hopefully the weather is nice where you are. Have a fun weekend!