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In English, 'Famiglia' means Family. Family means many things to many people. Some say you born into it, others think you earn membership, a sort of club of sorts. Both sides are correct and both wrong. The important part is not getting there but staying there. There is only one aspect both to join and to remain in the 'Family', that is 'Trust'. Sometimes it is a birthright, given in others but keeping that trust is the same no matter how you got it, it must constantly be 'earned'.
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Under the Boardwalk

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Lapi Up to a point life is simple. You do what you want to do. Then things start to change. Someone said 'strategy does not survive the first engagement'. Marriage is like that too. As one ages, life is another 'changing environment'. I never suspected young girls could change me so much. Looking back I'm not certain if I took that change opportunity with her my life would have been better or make my life worse. Which girl was that you ask?
Tags: Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fiction, Crime, Hispanic Male, Caution, Prostitution, Revenge, Slow, Violent
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