Correct Destiny — A Universe from the Mind of Al Steiner

A universe in which another species of humans walks among us, undetected, maintaining a Subterfuge that guards their existence.
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A Correct Destiny
Ken and Meghan are a happily married couple going about their lives. And then along came Josephine, an enigmatic, strangely alluring woman who is not quite what she seems to be. This is an erotic story of the dynamics of marriage and relationships. It is also, like Josephine, more than meets the eye. I will leave out the coding to avoid giving the plot turns away. Something new for me, taken up in response to a challenge by my wife, who more than passingly resembles Meghan.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Lactation
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A Lesson Regarding Humanity
Science Fiction
Further adventures of Ken, Meghan, and Jo from A Correct Destiny. I have written this story so it is not necessary to have read the original novel to enjoy and understand it, although it will no doubt be enhanced if you have/do.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Heterosexual, First
Sex Contents: Some Sex
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