Greenies/A Perfect World — A Universe from the Mind of Al Steiner

A universe in which the United States enters into a global war with China, Japan, and India in the early 21st Century, in which a lengthy cold war develops between EastHem and WestHem after the war, and in which Mars is colonized and eventually rebels against its mother planet in 2146.
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A Perfect World Al Steiner While on a routine call, police helicopter pilot Ken Frazier encounters a man on the ground who will change his life forever and send him on a trip to a world vastly different than the one he lives in.
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Science Fiction
Al Steiner A riveting story that takes place on Mars, a corporate planet controlled by powerful firms on Earth. Although humans, citizens of Mars are treated as a lower class race. The wind of change brings a new Governor, Laura Whiting, who will lead the Martian revolution. What will happen next to this fascinating society? Will they succeed to live in a world free of corporate puppeteers?
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North of the River Al Steiner Another story during the future war years, this time in the beginning. During the darkest days, when everything is collapsing, a former computer science nerd and a high school cheerleader meet under the worst of circumstances. Despite the conditions, human nature and human needs still blossum.
Tags: Ma/ft, Violent
Sex Contents: Much Sex
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Collateral Damage Al Steiner A few years in the future, life as we know it has undergone a vast change. A vicious war is being fought and its victims are everywhere. Eighteen year old Eric finds he has to take on many rolls as he prepares for the months ahead.
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Accidental Martian
Science Fiction
Mocha1120 This story is set in Al Steiner's Greenies Universe. David Reed is an Earthling sent to Mars by his company. The story starts ten years prior to the Martian Revolution. On the surface David seems to be a normal Earthling, but David has a secret life. This is the story of how David changes from an Earthling into a first generation Martian.
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A Lost Generation
Science Fiction
Al Steiner The story of World War III and the life of Laura Whiting's great great great great great grandfather, Mark Whiting, during the bloodiest of human conflicts. The first of the Greenies/A Perfect World universe, started some years ago and never posted, now recently picked up and re-written. Some dates have been shifted forward in the timeline by a few years.
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Science Fiction
Al Steiner 1300 years after the Martian Revolution, mankind has developed interstellar travel and colonized surrounding star systems. Back on Earth, however, those who were left behind live squalid, superstitious lives. A new story from me, it takes place in an updated version of the Greenies/A Perfect World universe.
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