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Libereco — A Universe from the Mind of Juxtaposition

This story draws it's inspiration and matches the themes from the story 'Libereco'. You should read that to get a feel for the backdrop of this one. The primary inhabitants of this universe are futanari hybrids that have a separate orifice for urination independent from their penises and lack external vaginas. As with Libereco, there is some near future medical science contained within and events happen in a current event exclusionary bubble.

1 Teacher's Pet

Timid Daniel Reed, a 22 year old post grad student at Southwest State University, agrees to be the test subject in an experimental study being run by a sociology professor at school in order to pay down mounting tuition fees. The program requires him to take up residence in her off-campus mansion but soon also begs the question: Is he Daniel or is she Daniela?
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Sex Contents: Some Sex | Genre: Erotica
Tags: Ma/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, Teenagers, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Slavery, CrossDressing, TransGender, Futanari, School, Incest, Mother, Daughter, Cousins, Niece, Aunt, DomSub, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Light Bond, Group Sex, Orgy, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Fisting, Lactation, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Scatology, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, Water Sports, Babysitter, Doctor/Nurse, Size, Teacher/Student, Transformation
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