Climbing Maslow's Pyramid — a series by LughIldanach

Two groups complement one each other in trying to improve the human experience defined by Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. The Bonobo Project mixes psychotherapy with ideas from our closest primate relatives, bonobos, whose culture is about making love, not war. It addresses the lower layers from physical security to love and belonging. The Workman Project, headquartered in the Workman Mansion, aims at the highest levels of esteem and self-actualization, directing human experts at improving the experience. Their methods are largely sexual. The Workman Project addresses the higher levels of the hierarchy, using human expertise and creativity to reach the top of self-actualization.

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Loving the Pyramid
Science Fiction
Two groups of mind researchers work to help people fulfill Maslow's Pyramid (Hierarchy of Needs). One group learns from bonobo apes, man's closest cousins, who make love, not war. They mix the Bonobo Way with psychotherapy, making hypersexuality work for people rather than be a disorder. The other group harnesses porn pruducers and actors rts to reach the highest levels of experience, esteem and self-actualization. The processes are fun.
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Sex Contents: Stroke Story
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