Chuck and Amber's world — a series by TailWeaver

This string of stories grew out of a long conversation with the taciturn chuckthehardened - who, while not the most verbose of people, nevertheless encouraged Niki to explore her desire to play games..

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Games 1: Niki and Friends
Young Adult
Niki was enjoying her sophomore year of college. Having grown up more than a bit sheltered, her freshman year had left her with few friends, so when Cheyenne invited her to a party, she left her roommate Amber at home, and decided to try and meet some new people.
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Sex Contents: Some Sex
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Games 2: Niki and Amber Host a Party
A few weeks have passed, and school is out for the summer. Niki has been obsessing over what she discovered about herself, but has been unable to really talk about it. What could happen if they hosted another party...someone is sure to suggest that they play their games...again.
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Sex Contents: Much Sex
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Games 3: Chuck's Gaming Night
After getting to know first Niki (Games 1), and then her roommate Amber during the last 'game' (Games 2), Chuck has become a fixture around their apartment, practically moving in with Amber. They kindly let him host his next gaming night. Sounds like a nice break for their new 'pet' Niki. Right? Be sure to read the previous Games stories to revisit how these three ended up living together the way they are.
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