Kissing the Mirror

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: The inner thoughts of a girl with the perfect love.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Roxy was in love. She was not quite sure how it happened or when she realized the depth of her attachment but now she was under the spell of the most beautiful girl in the world. It was really strange because she had never suspected she had any remote semblance of liking for same-sex relationships. In fact, up until just a day or two ago she would have said,

"No way, that's not my cup of tea!"

This was destined to be no "one night" affair or hastily contrived shambles of an infatuation. Now, she had to admit it was something that had been building for a very long time. She knew it was a connection that could no longer be ignored.

The confused young nineteen year old made sure her bedroom door was locked. She didn't want to be caught with her heartthrob in a compromising position. Her teddy bear was in the middle of her pink and white bed flanked by two silly dragons from some boring movie with a name she couldn't even remember.

"I see you looking at me, Mister Teddy. I know we have been very close but I am getting more grown-up now and I need to move on. I promise I will still tuck you in at night when I need someone to cuddle."

Slowly she undressed in front of the full length mirror. She was wearing her school uniform and she lowered her skirt down onto the floor and posed looking at her long legs and temptingly curved backside from different angles. Roxy even turned away from the mirror and grabbed her ankles just the way she had learned how to do it in gymnastics to increase her flexibility. The pretty teenaged girl looked between her knees and saw how sexy her bottom looked all perky and high in the air. Her boobs were swinging in little circles totally free and with their excited nipples aching for the touch of hot palms and fingers that knew just how to make them happy.

Roxy reached over and turned on her television with the ever present clicker letting the volume drown out the sound of her terribly dreadful and totally shameful whimpering that was quickly escaping her inept control. She changed the channel to the sports channel so she could see the young men running around the field in their tight shorts and banging into each other with aggressive determination to win. She imagined the strong, heavily-muscled bodies pinning her down and making her do those things that young girls normally dream about when they have no real boyfriend. She didn't need the mirror to tell her that she was coming down the lust-driven homestretch now because her juices had already saturated her hand with her familiar sticky fluids and she knew it was only a matter of time before she would be writhing in convulsions on the fluffy white carpet unable to stop her tingle of complete release. Her panties were dripping wet and in the way now so she just pulled them down and off her ankles and pushed her fingers inside her innocent but demanding pink quivering slit with renewed gusto. The silent teddy bear watched her with that undeniable but justifiable accusation in his slate-black penetrating eyes. The trembling schoolgirl just sank to her quaking knees and took the exchange of guilt with graceful submission. Her shuddering wail of satisfaction was noticeably subdued and she guiltily attempted to play down her shameful exhibition of depravity in front of the unbiased reflection.

Roxy managed to work her way closer to the mirror staying on her knees and holding up her hair with one hand and using the other to agitate her nipples into full-fledged excitement. By the time she got right next to the shining glass mirror directly behind her, she was stark naked except for her much-loved strapped and diamond-studded six-inch heels that made her buttocks jut out with startling relief. Those two mounds of female flesh were prominent that they demanded complete attention and made even the most innocent minded male mind to tumble into the gutter with depraved speculation. Two pairs of eyes but inches apart, two sets of ruby red lips pursed in eager anticipation of obsessed flesh, her heart was bumping along like a lawnmower with the wrong mixture of gas and air.

The unmistakable flash of a wet, pink tongue venturing out to seek something to devour drove poor Roxy into a state of shivering desire. She edged closer yet and her lips met her own reflection with unmistakable obsession. Her lips and tongue slid sideways in obscene union with the smooth glass surface. Her boobs rubbed hard against her hungry reflected boobs and further south, her pubic mound slammed into its twin with a terrible determination.

Roxy was joined in unholy alliance with her own image.

No juicy cock or feminine slit could compare with her very own. She knew without a doubt that her flesh was far superior to any stranger's touch. She ravished her image and spent her passion on her glorious form. Roxy promised herself loyal devotion and faithful adoration. She wished that she were flexible enough to consummate her love with deep penetrating strokes but was satisfied with the sensation of merging with her selfsame image in connubial bliss. It was a marriage made in Hell and fueled by introspective ego overkill.

She kissed the mirror and mated her image knowing her devotion knew no bounds. There was nothing to compare with the "Roxy reflection" in front of her and she knew she had met her match.

Once again on her hands and knees, she backed up to the fantastic mirror with the exciting heart-shaped image of her own buttocks scant inches apart. She pushed back and felt the cool touch of her own skin and the raging fires burning deep inside. Her mind was filled with terrible images of "taking it all the way up" like the girls who did such things for financial reward. The nasty thoughts made her blush with guilty pleasure and her tongue dropped out of her mouth as she contemplated the sinful horrors of her depraved longings.

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