Acme Electric

by Shoeslayer

Copyright© 2014 by Shoeslayer

Sex Story: Sparks fly when widow hires a new maintenance guy at her factory

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   .

This is a story about a man who obtained a job maintaining a factory owned by a woman after her husband passed away. The factory produces service entrance equipment or what used to be known as a fuse box. Other products such as subpanels and disconnects for large equipment are also manufactured.

I arrived on time for my interview with Irene Harris and she was quite satisfied with my work experience and part way through the interview she knew I knew a lot of the of the national electrical code as it applied to the type of product Acme electric produces.

Irene had been running the plant for a year now and the company was generating a decent revenue, it seems everyone working there really liked the job they had as the wages were about fifteen percent higher than the minimum wage, the major holidays were recognised and Irene is quite a nice lady to work for.

She is a woman of formidable size, yet she is very friendly and warm to those who work for her. She stands six foot with a mane of dark brown hair which she sometimes wears in a bun, good size bosoms and an ass I could really like exploring.

Irene has a voice that sounds a bit regal or similar to Julia Childes, the well known lady of kitchens and being in her upper fifties she wears glasses only for reading and mostly of the half-glasses style with a homemade neck chain of glass beads. Since I see her during the week and talk to her, I began to have some real feelings for her.

I think what turned me on was the fact that she took her dog into work on Fridays, her dog is a Pug, fawn colored with a black face and a pushed in nose with a tightly curled tail. He was so happy to simply lie on a blanket under his mistresses desk as she ran a company

I always had a love for older ladies and since many older ladies wear glasses for reading, I had somehow got a fetish for ladies reading glasses and was specific enough to know I liked the half-glasses style very much, they looked even better when hanging across an ample pair of bosoms from a beaded neck chain. Now Irene is a woman who has a great sense of fashion, to me anyways and she would often wear a black skirt and a silver colored blouse and her half-moon style would be silver with a black beaded chain. her heels were usually patent black but when she wore a black skirt with a white blouse, she'd wear a pair of spectators style heels which are black patent at th toes and heels and white leather in between.

A few mornings a week I would be expected to give her office a bit of a cleanup, she would be in at nine and since I was there at seven I had time to romance one of the many style of half-glasses she left on her desk from the day before and because I was really getting to like Irene, taking care of my needs with her glasses really meant something to me. I would bring her a muffin at times and leave it on her desk.

One morning was very busy, a motor had burned out and I had to replace it quickly to avoid down time, when done I headed up to Irene's office and and had my way with her gold half-moon style glasses with a chain of purple glass beads. Gawd I thought about them all last night and couldn't wait to do things with them. Within a couple of minutes of cleaning her glasses, she walked in.

"Mornin' Gussy and how are you today?"

"Oh pretty good, I was just getting ready to do this office as a motor for the stamping machine burned out but was replaced and is now running. I'll have to take the other motor in to be rewound so we still have a spare motor."

She sat down and put her purse in a drawer and looked at her glasses, and I am wondering if I left a bit of man sauce on them and if so what would happen.

"That's interesing, I never saw my glasses this clean and sparkling before."

I knew she cleaned them before she left them there for the next morning and I said so.

"Irene, I have seen you clean them before you left at times, think you cleaned them last evening?"

"I do clean them often, just that they look better than ever." She smiled at me as she spoke and I had the idea she knew I cleaned them for her.

Eight months later

Work was going well and I had just gotten my license to be an electrician which was great for myself and Irene, I could make some extra bucks on the week-ends and Irene would not have to look elsewhere for an electrician if there was a sudden need for one.

I would drop in to her office during break time or lunch and we always had such a nice chat, I knew I was getting some very strong feelings about Irene and started to consider what life would be like with her. Sometimes I would take her pug out for a walk or bring him in some milk bones or other dog treats.

She started to leave her heels at the office and if my fantasies were hot just messing with her reading glasses, her so serious patent black heels got me even hotter.

There was something about the clic clop of her glossy black heels as she walked through the factory and I know that even with all the machinery running, a guys ears could pick out the sound of a hot woman's heels, yup the Boss lady is hot with her grey skirt, cream colored blouse and her gold half-glasses sitting on the shelf of those lovely breasts. That steady beat of clip clop was a very sexual thing to me, not fast but a moderate speed say of a man making love to his woman, very much enjoying it and not wanting to hurry it, even and very powerful strokes.

Friday morning, time to give her office a bit of cleaning. Well I had not seen these before, a nice pair of silver ovals with a purple beaded chain. I tried them and there were a few smudges. I began to wonder if Irene left the smudges as a trap, Is Gussy cleaning my glasses for me?.

Irene's sparkling black heels were looking at me as if to say, Oh Gussy, we know what you want to do and a moment later I had my pants at my ankles as I came all over the glossy pointy toe of her dress heels and as I went to get some paper to clean up the mess I had to wonder what would happen if I did not clean this up but left that spot on her heel or let the stuff run off into the basket but a mark would still be left. I know she still thinks I am cleaning her half-glasses, would she ever think I had fantasies about her?

My cell phone rang right around noontime, it was Irene calling me up to her office and I had to wonder what it was about as she sounded quite friendly.

I came into her office and sitting on her desk was the glossy black heel I had previously had a time with and I looked at it wondering if Irene knew what the stuff that left a mark on the toe was.

"Any idea what that stuff is... ?"

"Not right now."

She looked at me and smiled.

"Care to join me for lunch? I picked up a Philly steak and cheeze at the sub shop and a large cola as well."

"Thanks Irene.

"I wanted to talk to you about a few things, Gussy.

"Sure go ahead."

"Do you have any idea what's on my shoe?" Irene asked and smiling sweetly

"Seems like some kind of cream, Irene, drop any making up your coffee?"

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