Mom's Librarian Style Glasses

by Shoeslayer

Copyright© 2014 by Shoeslayer

Incest Sex Story: Mom is tired of the screw & sleep deal she gets with her long distance trucker hubby, meanwhile son is turned on by her style of glasses. Mom is told by friend, 'Son may be aroused by her in glasses and when she brings in his coffee, things happen.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Mother   Son   Oral Sex   .

Mom was so tired of the ordinary sex she had with dad, a long distance trucker who would be away for a week or two, come home for a few days, get laid and roll over and snore like a drunken sailor.

I heard her talk to her friend Lois on the phone, saying "It's the same old thing, don't see him for a week or two and for a while I could not wait for him to get back home, but now it's we do it and he rolls over and snores like a drunken sailor for eight hours then it's another tank of diesel fuel and he's back on the road again.

It Makes me want to have an affair with a young guy full of piss and vinegar, a a guy who would want to spend hours with me, touching, kissing and licking me and after he gave me the hard and fast fuck I crave, he would want to stay with me and fondle my tits and whisper sweet nothings, to want to talk to me and maybe a few hours, do it again, a guy whose idea of sleep is ten miles away.

I could not believe what I just heard Mom say, for a nineteen year old guy who is a biker, I have heard some wild things but they sound so strange hearing it from Mom.

Mom is a hot looking woman in her early forties who works as a librarian for a local college and keeping up with tradition she wears the Librarian's style of glasses, oval in black;brown or silver.Lately I have paid more attention to Mom as she wore her glasses for reading the stock market reports, phone books and paperback novals

I was in the last semester of my senior year in High School and averaging an A in my studies, Mom was very pleased about that and would tell her friends about me on the phone.

One day while doing laundry she asked,"Have you been sleeping in the nude?"

"Yeah Mom, weather's been getting warmer."

"That makes sense." she said, smiling.

It was a Saturday and I just came back from a hundred and twenty mile ride on my old Harley sporty and Mom was on the sofa reading 'The life and times of Dorothy Parker.

"Oh hi Kirk, how was your ride?"

"Pretty good Mom, bike ran like a charm, I'm getting forty eight to miles to the gallon, I wish I could get half that in my pick-up truck.

I looked at her, there was something that I really liked about the glow of a lamp seen in her ovals and not for the first time did I get hard.

A few weeks later I heard Mom talking to Lois again, but Mom did not know.

"Every time I am wearing my glasses, it seems Kirk looks at me longer, why do you think that is? likes the look of a serious lady? never gave it a thought, but it seems he really likes that look. Oh really, might even be aroused by the look of a woman in glasses? That's funny as Dorothy Parker said,"Men never make passes at women who wear glasses."

I am sure Dorothy Parker was a very smart woman but back then, glasses were pretty much the same style for men and women. Thank science for plastic as it opened a whole new world of possibilities, like in eyeglasses, nice sexy frames

Another week and I'd be graduating High School with honors and I have a good job lined up as an electrician's apprentice. Mom was very pleased. Dad" yeah he was out sending freight across the country and so often he was not around when it came to anything big in my life, but he was making a damn good buck and we have a nice home so I can't complaion, I do wish though that he could make Mom happier and being honest about it, in my own way I guess I wanted her, Since he is not making her happy.

Mom took me out for a nice graduation dinner at a well known steak joint. I guess I looked at her with real feelings as she checked out the menu. I saw a hot woman sitting across from me, the way the light sparkled in her black ovals put a nice knot in my pants, but it was all her fault, I mean a black skirt and patent black three inch heels, a white blouse with a ruffle v neck, and her black ovals, oh yeah, I was hard.

For whatever reason I said,"Mom you look so sexy, I could imagine those glasses hanging across your breasts by a fancy neck chain of small pearls or glass purple beads."

"You sound so serious Kirk and a bit romantic, who have you been hanging out with lately?"

"No one really, the librarian at school wears her glasses like that and even though she is close to sixty, I have to say that her black glasses on a white or off white blouse, filled with an ample bosom is quite hot."

"Did you sneak in a course on women's fashion by any chance, Kirk?"

"I think I just dig the 'serious look' Mom.

I was working like a dog rewiring an old triple decker in Fall River and getting an even better grasp of the national electrical code. My boss JD was pleased with my work and I was earning a decent salary.

One day I came home from work and Mom was reading the paper only this time she had her sexy black ovals hanging from a beaded chain of small pearls. I was pleased that Mom liked what I suggested a few months ago.

"Hi Kirk, how was work?" she asked with with a smile.

"Good Mom, very good." I stood there looking at her and getting hard.

"Mom, those beads look so nice, very feminine.

Mom got up and walked over and hugged me. Believe me I so wanted to feel her sexy bum and pull her onto me but I knew that would be crossing the line. If she wanted anything more than what was proper she would have to cross that line and I would have no problems about that.

"You don't what that means to me to hear you say that. It's like your father forgot how to be romantic or to just say nice things at times. You love serious older ladies who look good, don't you?"

"Yes Mom, I do, I don't know if it is me but the girls at school were always talking about the latest hot song on the radio or what guy looks so hot. I have spent a fair amount of time talking to the librarian and though others were couerteous to her, no one ever really talked to her but I did, about many subjects and I always enjoyed her company.

I began to enjoy having coffee with Mom in the mornings, a special togetherness we had and I never had a problem telling Mom how good she looked. One Saturday morning she came into my room with a cup of coffee and a few doughnuts. She was wearing a mauve colored nightie and her black ovals hung across her ample bosoms and sparkled as she walked towards me.

"Good morning Kirk."

"Good morning Mom, you look so nice in that nightie with your glasses hanging from the neck chain."

Mom is sitting on the bed."You find my glasses sexy, don't you?"

"Yes Mom, very sexy."


"I think it is the way the light sparkles in them and how your eyes look so blue."

"Does anything else happen?" Mom asked as she she stared at my mid section.

As much as I loved the looks of Mom in her sexy black ovals, I never thought she would come right out and ask me more personal things about how I feel when I see her in glasses.

"Kirk, you can talk to me about anything, you finished school with honors, you are a man and working like a man, making a good buck, in short Kirk, you are not a kid. You can tell me anything, in a repectable way and I will always be honest with you.

"Tell me if I am wrong. You have erotic thoughts and get hard when you see me wearing glasses ... right?"

"Yes Mom and I have really enjoyed those feelings."

"Have you done anything with those feelings?"Mom asked and I knew what she was asking me and with her sitting there wearing her black oval glasses somehow the scene was erotic and yet worrisome.

"Actually I have and it was quite nice, you were out with your friends playing Bingo and I did some things with your black and silver pair."

"You will enjoy this even better." She takes back the covers. I am in the nude and Mom takes out her silver and brown ovals from inside her bra these also have a beaded chain. Wearing her black ovals she wraps the chains from her brown and silver ovals around my cock and strokes my cock and balls with them. I could not believe how nice it felt to have a woman I love do this, she likes my fetish and is smiling as she touches me all over down there.

Mom kept rubbing her Librarian style glasses all over me as she talked.

"Kirk, as a woman and a Mom, I want you to know that romance in a marriage should never end. You will meet a woman that you have real feelings for. Always be loving and tell her how good she looks and what a great job she did with the meatloaf or Sunday dinner, it never hurts to say something nice but not saying something nice when it is due is not nice either. Do pay attention to her appearance, her hair style or dress or whatever.

All the while Mom is stroking my cock and balls with the glasses I have come to love seeing her in and I know she will want to do things like she is doing now.

I started to thrust myself as she stroked me and that turned her on.

"Oh Yes Kirk, do that."The way she said it, told me she wanted to see that cock do its thing.

The happiness I saw in her eyes as she went faster was great, feeling her glasses down there and seeing her hand as a blur as she was jerking me off was so nice and the feeling of her glasses against my balls made me blow a few ropes of cum all over her beaded chain and brown ovals. She lowered her head to lick the stuff off the lens of her glasses.

"Oh Kirk, that was so nice." And till the day I croak, I won't forget how good Mom looked when she got her son off.

"So what are you doing today Kirk?"Mom asked.

"Take the bike in for an oil and tranny fluid change."

The rest of the day my mind was reliving what Mom did for me. I could not believe it, it was that good. I knew dad would never find out and that Mom was tired of the screw and sleep deal. She knew she deserved better, that she is a hot looking woman and I was starting to realize that making love to Mom was not such a far out possibility.

I was thinking that morning would happen much more often but that did not happen. I wondered if it was a 'two ships passing in the night' sort of thing and hoped Mom would want to do this more often. But three weeks later on a Saturday morning, she came into my room with a cup of coffee and a few jelly crullers from the supermarket's bakery. She was wearing a faded purple nitie with her silver ovals hanging across her lovely breasts by chain of purple beads and tiny glass diamonds.

"Morning Kirk."

"Mornin' Mom."

"Like my silver ovals?"

"Oh yes Mom, I love'em all."

"I know that Kirk and I am flattered. One would think my husband woud notice and say something nice at times. Perhaps you really have a 'thing for my glasses, do you or would you like to have a thing for my librarian style glasses?"

"Yes to both Mom."

"Then tell me so."

"Mom, I would love to have a 'thing for your sexy Librarian style glasses."

She took her black and brown ovals and handed them to me.

"I want to see you lick and kiss them, Kirk, seeing you like seeing me in them so much and I will do something for you."

I took her glasses and put the beaded chains over my neck and began to kiss and lick them as Mom placed her lovely lips over my knob and sucked me as she swirled her tongue over the top of my cock. I loved seeing her head bobbing up and down as the light from the bedside lamp shone in them and as I was kissing and licking Mom's glasses as told to and that meant something nice I was having my fantasies met by my sexy mother. She raised her head and told me,

"Kiss my glasses, smooch them for Mom, Your father never had any interest in them but I love that you do, Kirk. I could get you a few pair of these Kirk, would you like that?"

"With beaded chains, Mom?"

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