Sarah And Greg: The Wedding Night

by GR

Copyright© 2014 by GR

Erotica Sex Story: Sarah and Greg just got married earlier that day. This is how they spent their evening and night. [For those readers who have not read any of the previous six S&G stories, you need to know that Sarah is a pre-op transgender woman.] (I was originally going to have their entire honeymoon in one story, but it would be another month for me to write and to edit a story that large.)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   TransGender   Shemale   Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

As soon as Sarah and Greg got back to the hotel after the wedding reception, they collapsed onto the bed, staring at the ceiling. They couldn't stop smiling. Greg managed to roll onto his side and look at his beautiful new bride. He drawled a genteel southern accent, "Mrs. Booth, Ah can't help but say you are lookin' mighty fine today."

"Why thank you, Mr. Booth," affecting a southern belle accent. She waved her hand in front of her face like a fan.

Still keeping up the affectations, Greg continued, "Why, Mrs. Booth, Ah believe it is way too hot to be wearin' so many vestments."

"Ah do declare, Mr. Booth, you are as ever so right."

And with that, Sarah stood and turned with her back to Greg for him to unzip her dress. Once unzipped, she pulled her arms out of the sleeves and then wiggled her hips and butt until the dress fell onto the floor about her feet, leaving her standing there in her undergarments. While she was undressing, he took off the tux, letting the pieces fall where they may, and was soon standing completely naked behind his new bride.

Greg approached her with love and lust in his heart. She turned as he approached and greeted him with a passionate kiss. Their lips parted, their tongues met, and both had blood rush to their cocks. Greg wrapped his arms around Sarah as she put her hands on the back of his shoulders. He leaned her back and over in a dramatic, flourished kiss, as she held on tightly, enjoy the temporary feeling of being at his mercy.

He then stood her upright and worked at the clasp of her bra. He undid it (in better time than usual), letting it fall to the ground, exposing Sarah's magnificent, perfect breasts – neither too big nor too small for her figure. He massaged them tenderly before working his way down to her mini-slip. He unzipped it faster than he unclasped her bra, letting her shake it down the rest of the way, while he knelt, putting his face next to her panties. Greg breathed in her scent deeply; he loved that aroma, not necessarily because it great bouquet, but because it was hers.

He pressed his lips against her laced panties, kissing her partially aroused cock – not as neatly tucked as earlier in the day. He teased her by extending his tongue and letting some saliva seep through to the head. She felt his warm breath on her skin and the pressure he applied to her cock, causing her to moan softly. As she stood, with him on his knees, she placed her hands on his head, enjoying the closeness that comes with touch and gently guiding his head into her nether region. Greg pressed in harder, feeling the outline and bulge of her lace covered cock. However, he had ideas about how he wanted to take her, and he complied with her insistence only so far.

After feeling her cock grow enough for the moment, Greg stood upright slowly, dragging his chest, abdomen, cock, and thigh against her swelling bulge. As they came face to face, he kissed her again, feeling their tongues meet. He moved his hips back and forth, grinding his own swelling cock against her beautiful, smooth skin. Part of him was tempted to grind faster and harder until he would cum, but he still had plans. His breathing grew shallower as he enjoyed the feeling of his glans and shaft against his love.

As he rubbed against her, she straddled one of his leg and ground her cock against his upper thigh. They continued kissing throughout the subtle dance they were performing. He slowly moved his arms around her, working his hands down her back toward her ass. Slipping his fingers under the waist band of her panties, he was able to massage her luscious cheeks as his index fingers worked their way closer to her back hole. The tips of his fingers traded back and forth teasing the rim.

Needing more room, he finally slipped her panties down, freeing her ass and cock. He stopped rubbing his shaft against her when he pulled his own hips back, allowing his right hand to stroke her cock, and moved his left hand to the back crack. First his index finger teased the rim, and then he moved his thumb into position at her hole and pressed in. His thumb met with little resistance. So he worked it in and out synchronized with his pumping her shaft.

Sarah tilted her head back and moaned sensually – almost purring. Greg concentrated on his timing with her, but still managed to keep his own cock hard by rubbing against her. He paced himself to prevent either of them cumming to soon. He massaged her hole, stroked her cock, and kissed her neck for quite a while, changing the tempo to keep control while he still could. However, his lust eventually took over.

He pulled his thumb out of her ass and stopped stroking her. Sarah pouted a little until he lifted her up and pressed her against the wall. Sarah expression change from a playful pout to one of surprise and delight. He carefully lowered her down towards his waiting shaft. To swing her ass into position, she hugged his waist with her legs while putting her arms around his neck, swinging her hips closer. Her ass lined up perfectly as his head disappeared. He lowered her slowly until his cock was buried to the hilt. She moaned upon penetration.

Greg then started to pump up and down inside her. He felt her sphincter tighten around his shaft as he fucked her. His cock occasionally hit near her prostate keeping her cock hard as she was bounced. He lifted her and lowered her in timing with his own hip movement allowing deeper and faster penetration. Her thighs and legs rubbed up and down his sides as she moved.

Finally, he felt cum building inside. He fucked her faster and faster until he knew he would blow. His moans and animal noises grew louder drowning out any noise she was making. He pumped faster and harder, thrusting upward like he was stabbing her with a knife. And with a very loud primal yell, he lost control, and his cum shot deep inside her ass. The throbbing seemed more powerful than usual, giving him the feeling of his having shot buckets of cum inside her.

Sarah held on with her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. She loved the feeling of his throbbing cock inside her. She hadn't cum yet, but she knew she would climax sometime within the next hour, so it was good enough for her to enjoy her husband's orgasm.

Greg's grunting and throbbing subsided, and as the blood came back into his brain, some realities also returned. He knew if he withdrew at this moment, it would make a huge mess on the hotel carpet. While still inside her, and only half erect, he carried her the few steps to the bathroom. Sarah enjoyed the feeling of his cock moving up and down inside her as he walked. Once there he lifted her off his cock, letting the fluids drip out onto the tile.

It was a mess, but now he didn't really care, and she certainly wasn't thinking about it. He went over to start the shower, bending over to adjust the water. Sarah came in behind him. She spat on her hand and used the saliva to lubricate the head of her cock and some of her shaft. She then plunged her newly moistened rod into his ass, hard and fast.

Greg was expecting it and had braced himself. Her cock went in until their sacks met. She pulled back until her glans reached the sphincter, but then shoved her shaft all the way in again. She pumped as fast and as deep as she could until she neared cumming. Her own moaning and grunting increased, echoing off the tile in the bathroom, giving an illusion of several people all getting ready to cum. Finally, she shoved her cock in one more time, erupting at full penetration. Like Greg, she felt her throbs were bigger and better than ever before, sensing more cum than ever being shot deep into his ass. Greg reveled in the feeling of her pulsing against his ass muscles.

Already being in the bathroom, she did not care about the mess, so once the throbbing subsided enough, she pulled her cock out of his ass with great speed, causing a lot of her jizz to follow. She just wanted to watch her fluids drip down his legs. It made her want to fuck him again, but she knew she would have to wait before she could get enough of an erection.

She smiled knowing she had a lifetime of this.

By now, Greg had the shower going and was stepping in; Sarah joined him. They kissed as the stream of water washed away the surface dirt and fluids. After the initial cleansing, he pulled out the shampoo, and lathered Sarah's hair. With the extra shampoo on his hands he lathered the rest of her body from her neck to her breasts – giving each one the special attention it needed – to her stomach to her abdomen to her cock, testicles, and ass, which also needed special consideration, down her legs to her feet. To make sure that he covered all of her properly, he ran his hands up over her body, along every curve and crevasse. Sarah loved how thorough and caring he was being. He then backed up and let the stream of water rinse the soap and dirt away.

She then extended the same courtesy to him from head to toe and back. Her special attention to him was equally appreciated. After he was rinsed, she commented that the instructions on the bottle say to repeat. Greg moved the shower head so that it pointed at the shower wall, and they repeated the lathering, with his starting with shampooing her hair, as she gave special attention to his cock. They each cleaned the others body simultaneously, using any excuse to keep their hands their new spouse. Once fully soaped, they embraced each other and kissed, feeling their bodies slide erotically against each other.

Their cocks particularly seemed to enjoy the contact, for they found some renewed life. The young couple knew they still needed some more time before they could fully enjoy each others carnal pleasures, so they rinsed and used a soapy, plush washcloth for proper cleaning of each others cock and ass.

With a lathered cloth, Greg gently grabbed Sarah's cock. He wrapped her cock in the cloth, and then firmly – but not tightly – grasped around her shaft and rotated very slowly. The lathered material slid easily around her partially erect cock. He reset his hand into a comfortable position in the cloth around her cock and stroked slightly while rotating. Greg pulled the wash cloth off her shaft as he stepped in, pushing his body against hers. He reached around, and lovingly lathered her ass, concentrating on the crack and the hole. At one point, he dropped the cloth, but his dedication knew no bounds. He continued to clean her with just his hands, working a finger into her ass to clean just inside the rim. All the while, their cocks slid against each other, their chests pressed against each other, and their nipples rubbed until they were pointed.

He eventually stopped and stepped back, letting the water rinsing Sarah off. Once again, Sarah returned the same dedication to Greg's body.

By the time the shower ended, they were cleaner than they have ever been on the outside. They stepped out of the shower, and Greg grabbed a plush towel, and started to dry Sarah from head to toe, making sure that her breasts, cock, and ass were particularly dry. Once done, she dried him as well.

When they were both dry all over their bodies, they headed into the bedroom, pulled back the sheets, and climbed in. Clean bodies on clean sheets – is there anything better than that? Yes, clean bodies fucking and sucking on clean sheets.

It had been an hour since they had last cum, and that usually was enough time for them to be ready to go again, considering they were healthy and in the primes of their lives.

They kissed while their legs and arms caressed each other.

Greg pulled his head back from the kiss and said, "Sarah, is there anything in particular you would like right now?"

"Just to be close to you," she said staring into his eyes. Greg smiled at his wife. Sarah then asked, "Is there anything you would like right now?" Greg thought for a moment and replied, "I would love to feel your lips around my cock." She nodded agreeably. Greg then added, "But take your time and don't tire yourself out."

Sarah kissed Greg on the lips and moved her body down his. She paused at his nipples to suck, to tongue, and to bite them, while her hands worked their magic on his cock. She moved lower until her face was near his cock.

Greg lay on his back with his cock half erect. Sarah knelt beside him, her open mouth eagerly wanting to taste. She leaned in, rubbing her soft cheek against the side of Greg's cock. She moved slowly and deliberately towards the base of his shaft, letting her cheeks caress his head and shaft. She tongued the skin around the base, while using her fingertips to keep his cock in contact with her cheek, allowing her cheek to press against the sensitive glans. In a few places, she withdrew her tongue and used her lips to kiss ever so softly around the base of his cock. As she moved her lips and tongue from one spot to another, her cheeks and chin rubbed against his growing cock.

She shifted her body down a little so she could have access to all of his "private" areas. She lifted his erect cock gently with one hand and leaned toward his sack to kiss his testicles carefully and lovingly. She start on his left testicle, licking from bottom to the top. She sucked it gingerly with her lips, but not enough to bring it into her mouth completely. She continued to massage it with her tongue and lips, picking up the pace over the course of the minute, but never applying too much pressure. Occasionally she would rub her hand up and down his cock. Greg moaned softly.

She then moved to the other testicle, showing it the same devotion. After a minute or so, she ducked down, extended her tongue, and licked a line from underneath his sack to the edge of his cock. She gently lowered his penis, letting her smooth face caress it. She moved her mouth slowly to the left side of his cock, and then she licked a line up the left side from the base to the tip and down the right side to the base. Once there, she moistened her tongue and traced the reverse. Whenever his cock seemed to be in the wrong spot, she would slowly move it with her hand, letting her fingers brush lightly up and down the shaft as she moved it.

She started to kiss and lick higher up Greg's body, until his hard cock rubbed between her breasts and then against each of her nipples. She pressed one of her breasts into his cock, causing her to take a small but quick breath as it rubbed her nipple. He moaned again as the head felt her soft and tender flesh press into it.

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