Bedtime Story

by Torachan

Copyright© 2014 by Torachan

Erotica Sex Story: Unedited bedtime story written for a friend in one sitting. A couple went out to the country and had some fun at a stream.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   .

You told me of a stream on your parents land that had created a natural pool. It wasn't deep only about 4 feet. It had rock ledges around the sides. It was cool, shaded by trees. Sun warmed water would run into it keeping it the perfect temperature to soak in it.

You wanted to take me there and share the spot with me. I wasn't hard to convince as I my greatest wish is to make you happy.

You picked me up in your challenger, you are so proud of that car. I ask if my truck would be better and you say no, I'm taking you out today.

Off we go, you driving too fast and loving every second of it. We get to your parents land and go through a gate. It's a rough path but you know it well and take it slow. We pull up to the pool in the stream. You park in the shade of a tree growing on the edge of the stream.

We get out of your car and you stretch and pull your shirt off, throwing it at me when you catch me admiring you. You tell me to strip down its time to get wet.

We take our clothes off and run laughing to the pool. We step down into the water, it feels so good on a hot summer day. We float around letting the water spin us as it will. We're not even talking just reaching out and touching whatever is in reach when the water brings us together.

The water pushes us together side by side. I roll over putting my knees on the bottom and move up over you. I stroke down your body with my hand, you skin glistening with water drops shining like diamonds in little patches of sunlight that make it through the leaves.

You arch up to meet my hand as it travels down your body. Spreading your legs as I near there joining. I run my hand over your mound and lean down to kiss you. I barely make contact with your lips, feather light touches of my lips on yours. Down your jawline, down your neck. The water supporting your body, floating weightless.

I start rubbing your clit and cunt lips manipulating them pulling your floating body close to me. Your head rolls back in the water. I put my other hand under your back to support you so you can concentrate on what I'm doing instead of your floating.

I slide my fingers inside you, curling them up to catch your gspot, my thumb taking over manipulating your clit. I sit on one of the ledges along the edge pulling your floating body over my lap. Your back occasionally touching the tops of my thighs.

You feel more secure now, knowing my legs are under you. You relax even more and start writhing your body more allowing the sensations I am causing to run unfettered through your body. My other hand free from supporting your back I move it up to your front.

I start running my fingertips over your body. Light touches not enough to tickle, just enough to wake the nerves in your skin and let your body know it's being touched. Your breasts, your nipples, the skin over your stomach, back up to your neck. Just using my fingertips.

I trace the lips of your mouth. You open and run the tip of your tongue out to tease my fingers. I speed up my fingers in your cunt. Your mouth opens wide as you gasp. I slide my index and middle fingers into your mouth. I slide them in and out of your mouth. My fingers standing in for my cock.

You flail the hand near my body searching for my cock. It's not hard for you to find, staying up against my stomach waiting for its turn. You grasp it lightly, sleeping and releasing. Running your fingertips up and down its length.

My fingers in your cunt are having the inevitable effect. You arch, crying out my name as you orgasm. I slow my fingers letting you recover. You float dazed and languid satisfied for this minute.

You open your eyes looking up at me. You twist so that you are on your knees, urging me to stand up. You take me in your mouth. I bring my hand that was at your cunt up to my mouth and lick my fingers clean. You can feel my cock jump in your mouth as I taste you. You smile up at me around my cock in your mouth. I put my hands on your head but don't push or pull you on my cock. I say you want it you work for it.

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