Nancy Learns the Ropes

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Prostitution Sex Story: How an intelligent girl falls into a life of depravity and prostitution in Sin City.

Caution: This Prostitution Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Group Sex   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Prostitution   .

Nancy Nicholas was a certified college graduate with an impressive Grade Point Average. However, even she would have to admit that there was something to the repeated opinion from her more than strict father that she had very little common sense. She had been raised according to rigid standards of right and wrong and projected an aura of confused morality and naïve perspective on everything around her.

Now that she was finished with college and her parents were sending her little sly hints that they were encouraging her to leave the nest, she decided that it was time to get married and have a home of her own where there would not be anyone from an older generation to gave her orders she was often not in agreement with.

She was still a technical virgin despite a broad background in oral activities that spanned several years of spirited and enthusiastic participation on her knees. Nancy had even experimented with the joys of anal sex at the instigation of her mother who was concerned about her having an unwanted pregnancy. The first time she did that was with a well lubricated football player who didn't seem to care which hole he was poking just as long as it was tight and gave him the tingle he so desperately needed. Her vaginal chastity resulted more from a combination of fear and a sense of lack of commitment rather than from planned choice on her part. Secretly, she held her hidden desire for being made to spread her legs and just "do it" deep inside her core. Nancy managed to successfully change the subject whenever the question of her virginity came up.

While she was still in college, she had been accepted into a nationally recognized female sorority and had survived the lesbian-oriented initiation hazing with good grace and obedient submissiveness. In fact, she developed a certain liking for some of their Sapphic practices and found that her participation enhanced her internal sense of sensuality and desire for kinky acts. She had a distinct sense of "sisterhood" with the other members of the sorority and honestly had a feeling of attachment to each and every one of them.

Her new steady boyfriend Donald had already sampled her oral skills and had become an aficionado of her anal antics as well. Then came the change in her parent's attitude and she knew it was time for her to move on. They had decided to go to Las Vegas and get married at a low-cost marriage mill that featured music of Elvis Presley and furnished witnesses and the dispensing of rice at no added charge.

It was a little strange that she was treated to a "face down" anal exercise in the cut-rate motel that Saturday morning. It left her feeling a little bit used and dirty even though they had both found their way to the ultimate tingle in just such a fashion. The motel with a politically incorrect Indian name was fairly distant from the famous "Vegas Strip" and the expensive casinos created expressly for gambling but it was clean and a whole lot cheaper. They had an appointment to get married later that afternoon and it seemed to her that they were doing things in reverse. But the place was closed before noon and the price after five pm was raised drastically.

Donald started playing the slot machine poker in the motel lobby right after screwing her into the mattress upstairs and came back to the room to announce to her through the shower door that "they" had won over $300 in less than fifteen minutes. He was so excited that he suggested that they go down to one of the casinos and try their luck. She would much have preferred he shed his clothes and join her for a skin to skin shower so she could feel his hard stick rubbing all over her from head to toe. However, she was reluctant to dampen his enthusiasm and dried off and quickly dressed in the dress that she had planned for the ceremony. It was not real wedding quality but it was simple, cheap and white. Even her stockings, shoes and panties were white as well and she felt it was appropriate because she was still a virgin.

They were surprised that the casino was so crowded at that time of the day but the teeming crowd was noisy and the slots were ringing and making weird noises that drowned out the voices. Donald gave her a couple of rolls of quarters inside a little plastic cup that probably could have held ten times that much. He went over to the Blackjack tables and sat down after changing the $300 for casino chips with a blond wearing a costume that exposed half of her backside and left no doubts as to the remainder.

Nancy settled in at the slots and was horrified to lose almost half of her money in only twenty minutes. She was thinking of quitting without risking the remainder when she hit a jackpot and the amount of quarters in her plastic cup filled it more than halfway up. She had no idea how much money was in her cup but it was comfortably heavy when she lifted it up with both hands. For the next two hours she played steadily losing the bulk of her winnings back but then she hit another smaller jackpot and decided she had enough of gambling. When she cashed in at the window, she had a grand total of $180 and still hadn't opened one of the original rolls given to her by Donald.

She wandered over to the Blackjack tables and saw that Donald was almost out of cash. She gave him the $180 she had won and kept the single roll in her purse in case she wanted to play some more. Even though it was not even noon yet, they both accepted the free mixed drinks from the table girl who managed to get most of her backside right up in Donald's silly face distracting him so much he almost forgot to holler out "Hit me".

Nancy wandered out to the indoor solarium and sat in a massage chair that was being given free to the casino patrons. She had a female masseuse who worked diligently on her neck and shoulder and even down her spine to the top of her wedding white panties. The pretty Hispanic girl whispered in her ear,

"It's too bad we are out in the open and the cameras are all over or I would give you a REAL massage that you would really remember."

Nancy giggled and patted the girl's hand to let her know she was in total agreement and was delighted with the limited massage in public.

"My name is Nancy and I can give a good massage also. Do you have a card? I can contact you for a nice "Happy Ending" session for both of us.

The girl, who admitted to the name of Rosaria, straddled her upper arm with her hot crotch and handed her a small card with an address and a phone number.

"We are open every day except Sunday. Give me a call later today or Monday morning and I will give you an hour for free."

Nancy was glad to find a friendly face in the crowd, but she felt a little guilty and hurried back to Donald because she was afraid he might think she had deserted him. She saw him moving away from the playing tables with a terrible look on his face.

"What happened, honey, don't you feel good?"

Donald nervously ran his hand through his long blond hair and blurted out,

"I lost it all, honey, the original $300, the $180 you gave me and I maxed out the credit card on top of that. We don't even have enough cash to pay the marriage hall. I guess we just have to go home and forget about it."

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